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Top 10 Albums of 2017

Another year in music is over. Last year I recounted my top 10 albums of the year, and it’s time to do it all over again. This year’s list was very tough, it’s been an absolutely amazing year for all genres of music, so many artists have released such mind blowing pieces of work! Here are the 10 I’ve chosen as the best of the best.

This year I tried not to simply focus on my 10 favourites, but on 10 that I truly believe are the best, whether this is overall, or means a complete album with 0 filler, or an album that’s defining it’s genre, these are all something special.


Top Track: ‘Homemade Dynamite’

Whilst this list is in no order, Melodrama 100% cinches the top spot for me. Melodrama encapsulates heartbreak, late-teenage parties and the transition into ‘true’ adult life in a handful of unique and experimental tracks. From the thumping beats of ‘Green Light’ to the soft piano of ‘Liability’, and it’s reprise, Lorde proves that she’s a forced to be reckoned with. A 4 year wait between records is nothing if it results in anything half as good as Melodrama. Continue Reading →

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My bangers of 2017 playlist is getting pretty larger there’s only a few more Music of the Month posts left of the year.

Before taking a look at my top picks for September’s new releases, catch up on August’s post.

Provider – Frank Ocean

As I say in every addition, every Frank Ocean track is a gift to us for the wait between Channel: Orange and Blonde.

In truth Frank doesn’t need autotune to these levels, but that’s what sets Provider apart.

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Music has always been a big part of my life, for the last year in particular. I
wanted to share some of the artists that have had a lasting effect on me and my
life today! Going in chronological order, let’s start with…












My sister Suzanne had the albums ‘Made of Bricks’ and ‘Back to Black’,
for me, two of the most iconic albums of the 00’s. I listened to them
constantly, and even now I play them on the regs. These albums came into my
life during those very important pre-teen years when I was just beginning to
form my own musical tastes, and whilst the topics of these songs were beyond a
12 year old’s comprehension, I still hung onto every word I went to see one of
Kate Nash’s 10th Anniversary Made of Bricks shows and it was frigging lit. (I’m
writing this before I go, I assume it will be lit?)

I can now confirm it was lit. Continue Reading →

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It’s that time again, and June has been something else entirely. There are far more tracks in here than usual, so settle in and get ready!

See the tracks I loved last month right here!

Perfect Places – Lorde

Just before the full Melodrama album dropped, Lorde gave us another teaser through 3 minutes of ethereal pop making us question why we all booze to excess. Despite getting existential, it’s everything you need.

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