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Why are we all falling in love with journalists?

Welcome to what is the first post in a (hopeful) series focusing on a collective obsession in a world in which we’re more separated than ever. Month one, we’re diving into us falling in love with journalists.

Don’t pretend you can’t relate to this, this is a no-judgment, fully in love with journalists zone. You’ve been glued to American news stations for the best part of a week now. Through all waking hours, you’ve been watching these journalists tally up votes, speculate on what’s going to happen, and in special cases, absolute eviscerate President Trump and some of their guests.

Maybe two days in you start to look at them in a new light. Are they a little attractive? Or is it just lockdown 2.0 setting in and I’ve not seen a man who’s outside of my bubble, who isn’t shopping at ASDA, in who knows how long now? Was it the decisive point they just made, shutting down opposition and claiming things are looking good for Joe Biden?

Before you know it, you’re on Twitter reading everyone else’s thirst tweets about Jake Tapper, watching ‘fancams’ of him and watching him condemn President Trump’s speech full of amazing falsehoods – swoon.

We’re collectively going through this together. We know what follows a ‘Key Race Alert’ and us Brits are now sleep deprived from nights upon nights of waking up at bizarre hours of the night to tune in, and then getting up for work to do it all over again.

As InStyle put it ‘Nothing is sexier than calling the president a cry baby, doing math poorly, and putting those big hands to work on something called the “Magic Wall.”‘.

This is a collective experience for us, something we sorely miss due to be locked away in our homes without interaction with our friends and family for what feels like it could have been years.

We’re coming together in what is some of the most decisive moments of our lives, and coming together to celebrate the talent of journalists, but mainly our absolute, uncontrollable thirst for the people we’re looking at with brand new eyes (not the Paramore album of the same name).

They’re even beginning to engage with it, with MSNBC sharing a message from Steve Kornacki, thanking fans for their support over the last few days.

Buzzfeed editor David Mack referred to Kornacki as his husband and ended up confusing many of his followers who praised the ‘couple’ for their sacrifice over this week.

Fellow MSNBC journalist Jacob Soboroff asked his followers what a fancam is yesterday. Turns out he has a whole bunch of incredible ones, including one that has made me firmly fall in love with him. And on a real note, some of his work is really fantastic and I’m looking forward to reading his book (and walking down the aisle).

Fancams have been a key part of election memes, with one of Georgia flipping blue becoming massively popular- and rightfully so.

With the election coming to a close today, maybe, soon it seems we may end up torn away from our election boyfriends and back to reality. Before we do, let us celebrate their hard work and dedication during totally unprecedented times – and that just makes them all the more attractive.

Is there any point to this article you just read? Absolutely none at all, these are the thoughts and notes of a man who hasn’t slept properly in days and is just about beginning to feel hopeful, hoping these weird and bizarre musings will make you feel less alone.

See you next month for whatever the internet and myself are focused on to avoid breaking down in lockdown hell.

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