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Trying out Trendhim Beard Care*

*This post contains reviews of gifted products in exchange for a feature on the blog.

       A few weeks ago I was kindly contacted by the folks at Trendhim, asking if I’d try out their beard range. Being a man who is constantly growing a beard to various lengths, shaving it off and starting all over again, I’m always over the moon to try out something new.

Trendhim sent me two products to give a whirl, and here are my thoughts after a few weeks of using them.

Golden Beards Shampoo

As many people with beards know, the minute you cross the line from stubble to beard, the skin beneath your facial hair just gives up. It gets dry, itchy and your beard itself suddenly goes from this little facial feature that requires little to no maintenance, to something that can make or break how you feel about yourself every day.

Golden Beards Shampoo guarantees you won’t worry, this handmade, organic and vegan (a necessity!), sorts out all of the above problems and leaves your beard feeling smooth, clean and looking fresh. Simply lather on during the shower, leave for 30 seconds and wash it off, no-repeat application necessary. This is the most simple and effective way to keep on top of your beard care routine, and keeps it affordable, as you only need to apply a small amount each time.

River Grooming Danish Winds Beard Balm

For a long time, I forwent applying any balm to my beard. I considered smoothing it down with water was just the same. Spoiler alert: It’s not. At all.

Beard balm not only helps you to style your beard and control flyaways but can help your beard and sensitive skin beneath stay moisturized and healthy, as well as smelling great. I’m not sure what a Danish Wind smells like, but in this case, it’s an earthy smell with some fruity notes. In other words, it smells boss.

Simply take a small amount of balm, rub it between your fingers and apply to your beard and the skin beneath as best you can. Style in whatever way you feel and you’re set for the day. And you have the bonus of telling people that the nice smell they’re picking up on is a Danish Wind. Sounds sophisticated.

Thank you to Trendhim for providing the products featured in today’s post. You can find the products at the below links:

Golden Beards Shampoo

River Grooming Danish Winds Beard Balm

Check out Trendhim’s beard care range here.

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