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My Year in Music 2019

It’s time for  Spotify Wrapped! Every year I get overly exciting for a personalised playlist and stats about who I’ve been listening to this year, even though I already know because I’m the one doing the listening. Either way, this is a great old day to listen to all the tracks I know I’ve listened to a thousand times.

Every year I document my stats on my blog, more so for myself, but if you fancy a gander, you can find them all here: 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018.

Top 5 Artists

1) Bastille (Last Year: 1)

2) The Vaccines (New Entry)

3) Foals (New Entry)

4) MARINA (Last seen at 5 in 2016!)

5) Panic! At The Disco (Last year:2)

 Somehow I’m always shocked by all 5 choices being very on brand, despite it being actual science that these are my favourite artists of the years.

Bastille are number one for the fourth year running. I’m a massive fan and they keep pumping out new music, I’m totally here for it. Last December saw Other People’s Heartache Pt.4 released, June saw their third album, Doom Days and in the last few weeks we’ve had Doom Days: This Got Out Of Hand dropped. The Vaccines are a band I’m extremely late to the game with, I picked up a copy of DIY with them on the cover last year, had a flick through a few months later and ended up streaming their music nonstop throughout the year. Massive fan now. Foals are a band I’ve always vaguely listened to and the opportunity arose to review their first of two albums being released this year. The album firmly became one of my all time favourites and my review made it onto the BBC, not too shabby. MARINA has been a long time favourite of mine too, with her featuring in 2015 and 2016’s year in music posts. I’ve been following her longer than any other artist at this point, and her double album LOVE + FEAR hasn’t been my favourite of her offerings, but it’s still damn incredible. I’m loving seeing her sound and image transform as she redefines her artistry. Finally we see Panic! At The Disco featured again, I was shocked by this considering how much I hammered Brendon Urie’s music last year, it seems I streamed more than I realised this year, and you know what, I love to see it.

I think this is the first time I’ve managed to see all the artists featured in a Year in Music post throughout the year. I went to see Bastille’s tour earlier this year, as well as their album launch and their Pyramid Stage show at Glastonbury. I saw The Vaccines at the Roundhouse, Neighbourhood Weekender and their opening, secret set on the Other Stage at Glastonbury. Foals also performed a secret set at Glastonbury, on the Park Stage. I was late to it after seeing Lizzo and couldn’t see a bloody thing, but it was still boss. I managed to make it to MARINA’s Manchester Apollo date earlier in the year, and ended up seeing Panic! at both Manchester Arena and the o2, as I was in LA when tickets dropped and agreed to both in a sleepy haze.

Top 5 Tracks

Bastille – ‘Joy’

A blinder of a track. A bit different to previous Bastille offerings, as it’s hopeful for once.

Bastille – ‘Million Pieces’

We’d heard a form of this track in Bastille’s latest mixtape, but in that incarnation, it was a somber, emotional piece about total heartbreak. Then the album version comes around, one of Bastille’s most brash and loud pieces yet, representing drunken destruction when the night must end but you’re riding an absolute high.

Bastille – ‘Doom Days’

The title track of Bastille’s third album represented a shift in sound for the band, ‘Doom Days’ took us on a journey of who we are and who we’ve become since we last heard from the band, and just in case you weren’t paying attention, things have gotten shitter and shitter, but we’re all still here working our way through the challenges thrown at us.

The Vaccines – ‘Your Love Is My Favourite Band’

This started the year as one of my least favourite tracks by The Vaccines, however due to a fateful YouTube recommendation, I became obsessed with it. If a genre called ‘shimmering indie’ exists, it firmly belongs there, and that’s exactly where I’m putting my music taste. An absolute belter.

The Vaccines – ‘All My Friends Are Falling In Love’

God I love this song. It’s painful, raw, real and a bop. All in one. It rings true to all of us who have ever tried to date, to all of us who have been hopelessly and in love, and in those moments when you’ve been sat with your friends and their recent significant others as you explain yet another failed romance. Not drawing from personal experience there at all….

Outside of getting way to personal, it’s catchy, refreshing and a stark reminder of how love can be a total minefield.

The Other Stuff

I listened to artists from 31 countries, listened to mainly Pop, Modern Rock, Electro Pop, Rock and Hollywood- whatever that last one is. Podcast wise, the ranking is:

  1. Race Chaser with Alaska and Willam
  2. This Might Get Weird
  3. My Dad Wrote a Porno
  4. Table Manners with Jessie Ware
  5. My Favorite Murder with Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark.

Though I used to use a different podcast ep, and weirdly migrated podcast by podcast, so I think MDWAP should be much higher. In total I spent 7,149 minutes with podcasts on Spotify this year.

My favourite new artist was Sophie and the Giants, they’re a total delight I saw at Liverpool’s Sound City Festival earlier this year and totally vibed with.

I’ve been a premium customer since 2014! That’s flown by from my days of using Deezer because it came free with my phone contract, before that I did have a free Spotify, way back when it was an invite only service.

This year I streamed 45,554 minutes of music, compared to 2018’s 43,041 minutes of music, 2017’s 47,108 and 2016’s 29,580.

For some visuals of this year’s streaming, and this decade’s streaming, have a gander below:


For good measure, here’s my Top 100

To another amazing year of music in 2020!

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