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Benefits of a Smart Home with Certas Energy*

This post was written in collaboration with Certas Energy.

It’s hard to look after a home. Whether it’s one you own yourself, one you share with friends or family, or one you rent. It’s always hard. I’ve rented my fair share of old homes and had to learn how to take care of these as quick as possible.
Working with Certas Energy, I’m here to share how I’ve worked on some issues in my home, as well as share some tips from Certas Energy and an infographic about smart devices that could change the way you #FixYourOwnHome
CERTAS ENERGY Content: Smart homes are on the rise with talks of making homes more efficient, this means saving time and energy around the house. Have you got any smart appliances around your home or would you be planning on installing any smart devices soon? What were your reasons for doing so and have you seen all the smart devices as listed on the infographic? Ideally we would like you to mention that the infographic was created by Certas Energy.

I’ve lived in cold homes, old homes, new homes, warm homes. And everything between. Mould is something that I, sadly, have so much experience with. I lived in a very old, very cheap, houseshare when i first moved to London. My bedroom was coated in mould. I had to invest in every dehumidifying thing possible, not ideal, but it worked. Oh, and I had to consistently scrub the wall above my bed to ensure the mould never came back. Awful, but easy, cheap ways to remove it.
Some smart heating devices would have helped me out a great deal! In terms of heating, in this same home, our boiler and its pipes were old as all hell. It barely worked. We had to tactically shower in tandem to utilise it being able to heat water. We could have used smart boilers, smart thermostats, everything. We needed an upgrade, but instead what we did was consistently bleed every radiator we could, and invest in tiny little heaters to keep us going whilst we sorted the larger problem. Though, we lived in a bizarre house, all but one wall of my room were outside walls, making it a hard one to heat! My parents have a nice smart heater, controlled by a little remote and I believe your phone too, making me very jealous.
I’m a little safety conscious, and really want a smart lock and smart doorbell to give me full control over what’s going on outside of my home! Plus you can get those great notifications when cats turn up at your door, that’s my dream.
Check out the graphic above to learn a lot of energy-saving tips, as well as unexpected ways you can utilise smart devices to ensure you save money. Sure, these things can be a bit of an investment to begin with, but you can’t put a price on energy efficiency! Well, you actually can, but helping the planet out is pretty damn important too.
Thank you Certas Energy for collaborating on this post, and for educating so many on the benefits of smart devices in our homes.

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