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Liverpool ONE’s roar-some events


There’s no better place in Liverpool to spend a day than Liverpool ONE. Especially now they’ve got a whole host of roar-some events going on thanks to Liverpool ONE‘s brand new #DinosaursUnleashed app.

So how would you spend a day around Liverpool ONE whilst getting on the app?

This post was created in collaboration with Liverpool ONE.

Find the eggs!

You’ll want to get on Liverpool ONE’s free wifi to download the Dinosaurs Unleashed and get hatching those eggs and powering up your new dino friend to get ready for the Battle Arena located in Chavasse Park! Simply open the app and scan near the giant egg and you’ll be able to watch it hatch!

And watch out for T-Rexs!

Hit up Liverpool’s brand new mini-golf bar

After a few successful ventures around the country, Junkyard Golf has finally landed in Liverpool! Take respite from the shops with a game around their three uniquely designed courses, and indulge in a couple of cocktails whilst you’re at it. I’m *very* intrigued by the Welcome to Jamrock!

Grab new trainers (and a coffee) at Arket

Arket hasn’t been in Liverpool ONE for long- but it’s made quite the impression. Shop minimalist, but high-quality clothing, as well as a bunch of homeware, kid’s toys and more. They always have the best trainers in, and I have had to restrain myself from leaving with 4 sweatshirts, 8 pairs of shoes and a couple of overshirts from there a few times.

Make sure to grab a coffee from the cafe- the cinnamon rolls they do are also the best you’ll get anywhere in Liverpool. Absolute game changer, I tell ya.

Shop Liverpool souvenirs at Utility

Utility have been selling great design since 1999. It rhymes, so it must be true! Their Liverpool ONE store focuses on smaller items, notepads, cards, gifts, face masks and a few not-so-big items for the home. Make sure to stop by and grab some of the best Liverpool themed souvenirs around, whether that’s a cuddly lambanana, a desk-sized purple wheelie bin or a print of the city’s iconic skyline.

Dine on the Terrace

There’s something for everybody on Liverpool ONE’s Terrace! Find all the big names in food up here, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Wagamamas, Five Guys, Las Iguanas, Wagamamas and more! Most have outdoor seating so you can soak up the sun and gaze over Chavasse Park as you dine.

Get ready for June 1st

The Champion’s League final grows ever closer, as does our anticipation! After last year’s defeat in Kiev, Liverpool have fought their way back to the final- and this time they might just take it all! Head to the aptly named Liverpool One store to get yourself kitted out ready for the upcoming match in Madrid.

Ps. there’s a dino egg right by here.

Head to Chavassic Park with your new Dinos

Once you’re done with nurturing your beloved dinosaur into a fierce beast, head to the renamed Chavassic Park to the dinosaur enclosure and the Battle Arena where your dinosaur will go face to face with the most intimidating of beasts! I was defeated soundly, but you can do better for sure, as life, uh, finds a way.

As a big Jurassic Park fan, I’m loving the pun.

Head to Liverpool ONE’s website to learn more about #DinosaursUnleashed and to see a full list of shops, attractions and restaurants.

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