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In My Ears – Top 5 Tracks of February 2019

Welcome back to ‘In My Ears’, it’s not about earworms, wax and whatever else you may find in your ears (I don’t know your life), but about 5 tracks that I’ve loved throughout the month. Catch January’s edition here, and keep on reading for the 5 songs I’ve fawned over this month.

In my ears music of the month

Lizzo – Juice

This song is one of the greatest bops of the year already. Lizzo’s brand of killer confidence and self-love and acceptance is something we should all adapt, and she’s making sure we do by creating absolute hits like this. I love Lizzo, she seems like one of the coolest musicians around. ‘Juice’ is endlessly fun, I can’t get enough of it. It’s got that sweet summer sound, I think Lizzo is the reason we’re having an unusually warm February. And also because the planet is slowly dying. But back to the positives, nothing is as good as ‘Juice’. It’s incredible. And makes for a great workout soundtrack.

This one wins my meaningless award of ‘Song of the Month’.

Marina – Handmade Heaven

There’s a lot of artists I credit for making me truly fall in love with music. But I think the nail in the proverbial coffin was Marina (+ The Diamonds)’s 2012 album Electra Heart. Now 7 years later I’m still obsessed with everything she creates, whether it’s a short lived blog or a collaboration with Luis Fonsi. I truly believe she’s one of the best lyricists of our time, read some of the lyrics to tracks from Froot and you’ll see why. ‘Handmade Heaven’ is no exception, with Marina removing production and penning her own sweet, love song to the planet. Her voice is powerful enough to carry these type of ballads, but it seems the rest of her double album will be completely different to this.

Billie Eilish – bury a friend

I wish I could be as cool as Billie Eilish. She’s the best part of a decade younger than me but has such a completely fleshed out artistic vision, aesthetic and sound that no one else can come close to replicating. ‘bury a friend’ is kind of unnecessarily edgy, as all songs by 15 year olds should be. It’s weirdly addictive, has a structure and vibe that simply shouldn’t work, but Billie’s bravada and lyrical skill tie this song together in a creepy little parcel.

Foals – On The Luna

I was trying not to repeat any artists from last month, but Foals have come in hot with ‘On The Luna’. The lyrics are bizarre, the moon references are appreciated and the layers this song have make it not too dissimilar to an ogre. I don’t know if we’re in some sort of shimmery indie renaissance, but ‘On The Luna’ makes it feel that way. The sound is nostalgic, but completely fresh and straddles the line of synth pop and modern rock. It’s so fucking good. I feel like chanting ‘a day in the life of’ non stop, even though I have no idea what being a latchkey kid on the luna means. So. Good. Plus any song that references the moon in a different language is good by me.

Ariana Grande – Bloodline

Ariana’s new album is breaking all kinds of records all over the world. She’s ushered in a new era of pop, with herself at the helm. But her new album isn’t her best, or so I think. Some of the tracks feel a little bit samey, and whilst I’m warming up to it a bit, I still think there’s only a couple of fantastic tracks in there. One of which is ‘Bloodline’, god this is a tune. I love a song that starts with sampling, I don’t know why but I think it’s that extra bit of work and contrast to a pop beat. This is 100% the best track on the album, however take my opinions with a pinch of salt, as I think ‘7 Rings’ is one of the worst.

Find these 5 tracks in the ‘In My Ears’ playlist, as well as all previous ‘In My Ears’ tracks, below on Spotify.

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