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Milkman Australia Shave Gel Giveaway!

Milkman shave

The fine folks over at Milkman Australia have been kind enough to send me an amazing Clear Shave Gel designed for sensitive skin. Keep on reading to see how you can bag your very own bottle for FREE!

Beard Line

It’s no secret I have sensitive skin, I’ve always suffered with shaving, it’s actually part of the reason why I have a beard in the first place. I can’t keep my skin clean shaven without it being consistently irritated and inflamed.

You can get a bit of an idea here of what my neck is often like, it’s always covered in red patches, a few small bumps and raised parts of skin. This is pretty tame actually, for once. I’ve been on acne medication for the last 3 months, which has began to help.

But when it comes to rubbing multiple tiny knives across my skin to tidy up my beard line, how can I make it as easy as possible, without damaging my skin?

 Milkman Shave gel

I’ve tried it all, from wet shaving, to multiple shaving foams, to brushes and pomades, oils and electric shavers, so I was super keen to try out something new, which claims to be easy on the skin.

For a full face shave, 2-3 pumps (as seen above) is recommended, of course I only tidy up my cheeks and from my collarbone to the beard line on my upper neck.

chestPutting on Shave Gel

The Milkman Australia Clear Shave Gel glides on easily, it’s a simple process. It feels light and natural, and didn’t bother my skin immediately, which I feared! It’s soap free and doesn’t even require any water, though I cleaned the skin before beginning.


As a MAJOR bonus, the Clear Shave Gel is vegan and cruelty free, not really a bonus as much as a prerequisite for toiletries I’ll be using.

After shaving, the clean up was easy, I had no nicks and cuts and 24 hours on, my skin isn’t inflamed or sensitive, despite the fact I ended up layering it on a fair few times when taking these photos. It’s incredibly rare for me to be able to shave and have no ‘signs’ of it the next day, as I often find razor burn and raised marks, or scratches from electric razors.

And it’s nice to have something moisturising during the harsh cold of the UK winter.

Of course, as everyone’s skin is different and grows and changes, so test it out first, but I can confirm that I had no trouble at all with the Clear Shave Gel.

Milkman Shave Gel

So if you’d like to get yourself a free 500ml bottle of Milkman Australia’s Razor Rail Clear Shave Gel, just enter the little competition we have going on below! Let me know on Twitter if you’ve entered, and read a little more about my shave struggles here if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

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