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Lisbon’s Top Street Art

Getting lost in Lisbon isn’t as scary as it sounds. Lisbon is a city boasting rich architecture, pastel buildings and hidden gems around every corner. As a city famed for its street art, you can expect to find glorious paintings on the side of a shop as you would in a modern art museum, it keeps you on your toes, keeps your eyes constantly moving and gives you an experience you can only have in Lisbon.

You can make your search for street art a priority, or you can stumble across it as you go, the latter of which is what we opted for. You’d be surprised just how easily you’ll end up running into famous pieces of art when stumbling from attraction to attraction, or in my case, from pastel de nata to pastel de nata.

Here are some areas to check out:


I knew this as ‘the stairs with the art’, in fact, we stumbled across this purely accidentally after exploring some backstreets to find a cafe for breakfast. The most famous walls are dedicated to fado, a musical style that developed in this area of Lisbon.


Alcantra is renowned for its fantastic street art also. We’ve recounted some pieces of street art in Alcantra’s LX Factory, take a read of that here.

But as a bonus, there’s some amazing architecture in Alcantra, take a look around the outside of the Ordem Dos Despachantes Oficiais:

Alameda Santo António dos Capuchos

Our Airbnb was actually around the corner from this ever-changing wall, as you can see it was a bit wolf-y when I visited. Plus the nearby stairs provide for a spectacular view of the city.

Pink Street

Pink Street on Rua Nova do Carva attracts tourist for its unique pink finish. Once known as a den of brothels, now it’s a hub of bars, cafes and some of Lisbon’s most renowned clubs. The walk is what brings many people to Cais do Sodré, one of the citie’s more vibrant areas with amazing travel links and connections to the rest of the city, so this is an easy one to visit.

Plus, if you’re also from Liverpool, you can see a bar bearing the city’s name!

Surreal Horse

I’ve sorta dubbed it that title.

Just off of Avenida da Liberdade, you’ll find this building-sized horse painted by Aryz. This happened to be down the road from our Airbnb, which also had prints of this in it too. This is one of my favourite pieces of Lisbon’s street art.

This is just scratching the surface of this city’s incredible street art culture. Head to Blocal Travel and Peeking Duck for some more inspiration. But remember that you don’t really need a solid plan, you can just stumble around Lisbon and discover tons of amazing art and architecture, discover the city any way you feel like!

Catch my post on Lisbon’s LX Factory.


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