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My Year in Music

Oh it’s the most wonderful time of year, it’s Spotify Wrapped day! Every year I get overly exciting for a personalised playlist and stats about who I’ve been listening to this year, even though I already know because I’m the one doing the listening. Either way, this is a great old day.

Every year I document my stats on my blog, more so for myself, but if you fancy a gander, you can find them all here: 2015, 2016, 2017.

Top 5 Artists

1) Bastille (Last Year: 1)

2) Panic! At The Disco (New Entry)

3) Dua Lipa (Last Year: 5)

4) CHVRCHES (New Entry)

5) The Wombats (New Entry)

  These five are such me choices, naturally as it is my top artists after all. Well, that is the most fucking redundant sentence ever isn’t it?

Bastille are my favourite band, I’ve been a big fan for years now and I’ve really enjoyed them challenging their own sound and this year by focusing on EDM and synth focused tracks. Panic! At The Disco‘s new album is so good, one of my favourites of the year, Brendon Urie is at the top of his game and its lead me to go back and listen to the Panic! albums I missed. I’m so glad to be really back into Panic!, they were one of the iconic bands of my teens. Dua Lipa is Dua Lipa, she’s changing pop and is an absolute powerhouse with bangers on top of bangers. CHRVCHES I never used to listen to much, beyond ‘Gun’ and ‘The Mother We Share’, then ‘Get Out’ dropped and I realised just how much I’d been missing, now I’m a massive fan. Earlier this year I was sent The Wombats latest album to review, I immediately fell in love with it. Like Panic!, I’d fell out of listening to The Wombats at some point in my late-teens, but it feels oh so good to be back in their musical world. Plus they’re scousers, which really doesn’t hurt.

I’ve managed to see the first four artists this year, with Bastille’s ReOrchestrated Tour, Dua Lipa’s Self-Titled Tour, Panic!’s Biggest Weekend Set and CHVRCHES’ Parklife set. I have tickets for The Wombats next month, Bastille and CHVRCHES the month after and Panic! the month after that! In fact, I’ll be seeing Dua Lipa and Bastille at Streets of London‘s Christmas gig event in two weeks time, I’ve been following this charity for years and they’re absolutely fantastic.

Top 5 Tracks

Bastille – ‘Quarter Past Midnight’

I’ve hammered this track since it’s release back in May. It marked quite a different tone from Bastille’s previous work and goes off. This track just builds and builds, it takes you into a weird world that only exists during the night, when you’re in the back of a cab somewhere in the city, multiple drinks in, and surrounded by either your best mates or people you’ve never seen before in your life. This song didn’t really garner any success, but I truly do think it’s one of the best single releases of 2018.

Marshmello + Bastille – ‘Happier’

Everyone knows this song, I remember hearing it for the first time when I was reviewing the track and knowing immediately that it was something special, I then heard it blasting from a car in Santa Monica, California a few weeks later, and that moment has been cemented in my mind since. ‘Happier’ is tragic, it’s terribly sad, but most of all, it’s an absolute tune. This is one of the many ‘sad bangers’ that popped up this year and its arguably the most critically successful.

Sigrid – ‘Strangers’

I’ve talked about this track on my blog a stupid amount of times now. ‘Strangers’ is one of the best pop releases of this decade, it’s light, airy and fun. It’s also kind of a sad banger too, I guess, it’s not exactly the most uplifting, but there’s a built in self-confidence and pride that comes to you when you perfectly spit out the breakdown. I made a bet with a friend in May that I’d have this in my top songs of the year because I couldn’t get enough of it then, here we are in December and I feel exactly the same.

CHVRCHES – ‘Get Out’

This year was my first true foray into Chvrches. I remember vividly when ‘Get Out’ dropped, I was lying in bed doing a colour-by-numbers on my phone and was so engrossed into it that I wouldn’t take the time to stop playing ‘Get Out’- a rock and roll life I live, I know. The thing is, I never got bored of it. The lyrics are purposely repetitive, the song is punchy and angry, and it just fucking works. It shouldn’t work, it should get old and should feel stale, but it feels fresh and inspired every single time I play it.

Silk City + Dua Lipa – ‘Electricity’

The first time I heard ‘Electricity’ I was lying on a sofa bed in Portland, Oregon. I think I’ll forever associate this song with that noisy Airbnb in Portland’s suburbs, little did I know Portland would become one of my favourite cities on the planet and this track would become one of my favourites too. Dua Lipa can do no wrong, or rather she has done no wrong, every release has been incredible, they’re almost all smash successes on the charts and it’s because she’s a legendary artist already. Pair her with Mark Ronson and Diplo and you have an incredible combination that can only result in one of the year’s biggest bops.

The Other Stuff

I opened the year with ‘Rose-Colored Boy’ by Paramore, and supposedly discovered The Veronicas first, but that one is questionable as well ALL know ‘Untouched’. My favourite subgenre is modern rock and the oldest song I listened to was ‘Fly Me To The Moon’ by Frank Sinatra – a hit. My favourite fact is that I listened to more Leo artists than any other star sign!

This year I streamed 43,041 minutes of music, compared to 2017’s 47,108 and 2016’s 29,580. I played 3,542 individual songs, which destroys 2017’s 2,677 songs!

For good measure, here’s my Top 100, it’s got everything in it from Stevie Nicks to Alaska Thunderfuck.

To another amazing year of music!

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