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Today we’re joined by Liverpool based indie band, Life At The Arcade!

life at the arcade


The last few weeks have been wild for this lot, on top of completing a UK tour seeing them play in some of the country’s most beloved venues, and see them stopping at every service station along the way to survive, they’ve finally been able to release their long-awaited debut EP From The Basement. I had the pleasure of seeing these lads perform at Liverpool’s iconic Zanzibar Club a couple of weeks back, to put it succintly, these guys killed it. A hometown show isn’t the easiest to play, but they filled out the venue, had the people dancing all night and cheering non-stop. Life At The Arcade made a tiny venue feel like a stadium, everything they did reeked of a band that’s having a long-awaited major homecoming, not a band that’s freshly dropped their first EP.


Without rattling on about the show, let’s get into the interview with Paddy of Life At The Arcade.

D: You guys have just come off of a UK tour, a banging one, how was tour life? And how was it to play the Zanzibar, one of the best venues in Liverpool?
P: Our tour was class. I think we are masters of the service station meal deals now, we know what’s the best and what to avoid (the Tesco chicken mayo’s are belters).
D: The Zanzibar is probably the most prestigious venue in Liverpool and to pack it out like we did, we couldn’t of been any happier.
On that note, what is your favourite venue in Liverpool? It’s hard to top the Zanzibar.
P: There’s loads of great venues in Liverpool at the moment, however the newly opened ‘Jacaranda Phase One’ has a great vibe and it’s quickly becoming the hub to go to in Liverpool at the
D: Your debut EP From The Basement has just dropped, what’s the response been like? How does it feel to have that out into the world?
P: We’ve been sitting on our EP for about a year, so to finally release it and show it to everyone has been great. The reaction to it has been 10 times better than what we originally expected.
D: How was it making From The Basement, you’ve been relentlessly touring throughout 2018, how did you fit that in around your lives? And what is your creative style like- how does the song go from a concept to a full fledged piece of music?
P: Like we said previously, we recorded the EP about a year ago now, so we had it in the bag ready to go, so whilst we’ve been touring we’ve been writing the next batch of songs ready for 2019.
D: Where do you find your inspiration comes from? And which artists are you personally fans of when creating music?
P: Most of our songs come from jamming in our practice room and generally pissing about. The good ones always come at random times… In terms of inspiration, all four of us have a wide range in music taste (you should hear our playlist we have on in the van on tour, it’s mad)
D: Considering it’s Christmas, what’s your favourite Christmas song?
Paddy: War Is Over – John Lennon
Ben: Fairytale Of New York – The Pogues
Paul: One More Sleep – Leona Lewis
Adam: Last Christmas – Wham
D: Tour’s over, EP is out, what’s next on the agenda?

P: We are back in the studio in January to record some new stuff which we are really excited about. We’re really looking forward to festival season too this summer, keep your eyes peeled!

Big thanks to the lads of Life At The Arcade for joining us today! Make sure to stream their tracks on Spotify and to follow them on Twitter.

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