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Most Listened To is a little series we dip into every now and then to share some of the tracks that I’m loving at the minute. I log into Obscurify to analyse my Spotify data and pick out the top 10 most listened to tracks of the last six weeks, though I do kind of cheat and set a rule so that there can only be one song per artist represented.

Since my last ‘Most Listened To’ post I’ve been settling into a new job, running a hell of a lot for Movember and trying to settle back into a ‘normal’ life after ten months of alternating between working for myself and travelling, it’s been a year.

1) Baby – Clean Bandit + Marina + Luis Fonsi

It’s no secret that I am a HUGE Marina Diamandis fan, I truly believe she’s one of the most talented lyricists of our time and brings such a unique viewpoint to pop that others simply don’t have.

As a long time Marina stan, would I have ever seen a collaboration with Clean Bandit coming? Of course, they dropped a track at Glasto last year and Marina’s boyfriend is bloody in the band. Would I have expected a Luis Fonsi collab?

Fuck no.

But I fucking love it. This is a sad bop, like ‘Happier’ below. It’s a certified tune, Marina’s angelic voice ties with Fonsi’s really well and they make this track endlessly fun, the choruses are frequent but not repetitive, the message is clear and the beats are mint. BANGER.

2) Shallow – Lady Gaga + Bradley Cooper

I saw A Star Is Born, I cried hard, in the cinema alongside four of my inconsolable friends. We then drove home and listened to ‘Shallow’ in complete silence.

What a fantastic film, without even considering how good this song is, the film itself is so powerful that I’d be in love with this track no matter what. Gaga only makes bops, let’s skip over half of the Artpop era here, but the vast majority of her work is completely groundbreaking. ‘Shallow’ is no exception, it’s a country/indie banger with absolutely relatable lyrics and such powerful vocals from both Cooper and Gaga, but mainly Gaga – you know that first ‘I’m off the deep end’? Full on chills.

3) Rooms on Fire – Stevie Nicks

After dropping a pretty penny on Fleetwood Mac tickets, I found myself in my favourite place, the rabbithole of Stevie Nicks’ career. I love Stevie Nicks, I love her so much. She’s an ethereal being sent to this planet to teach us what real music sound likes, and how to a gothic witch with super powers.

‘Rooms on Fire’ is a twisted sorta love song. I honestly think it’s a contender for the greatest love song ever written, though I’m sure many would argue in favour of more traditional tracks. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

4) Close To Me – Ellie Goulding + Diplo + Swae Lee

I’m glad to have Ellie Goulding back, and if this is any indication of her new era of music, it’s going to be something different.

Ellie’s vocals are fire as always, it’s not the most complex of songs but I’ll take it. It’s an old-fashioned banger that is very Diplo. Not entirely sure what I mean by that, but I half get it. Somehow feels festive too? Not really sure how they quite managed that one. Good listen though.

5) Happier – Marshmello + Bastille

Again, in my last one so I won’t go on.

This has been one of the biggest songs in the UK recently and has become one of the biggest songs of both Marshmello’s and Bastille’s careers thus far. Happier fits in the category of ‘sad bops’, songs that are inherently sad but you could also get down in the club to it, you know?

Also the video has a dog in.

6) Electricity – Silk City + Dua Lipa

I won’t harp on about this one as I wrote about it in my last post, but I got kinda obsessed with this song when in Oregon and it’s been my workout jam since being back, what an absolute tune. The combination of Silk City, Dua Lipa and Romy of the xx’s lyrics makes this a certified banger.

7) Overtime – Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware’s voice is angelic, she’s talented beyond belief and an all round fantastic human (and podcast host)

Overtime came out of the blue and takes us back to Jessie Ware’s roots. Jessie Ware has one of the most fantastically varied back catalogues in modern music, from slow love songs to collabs with some of the biggest names in grime, rap and dance. A person favourite of mine is ‘The Crying Game’, her collab with Nicki Minaj – if you listen to her podcast, there’s a funny story in there about the one time they performed that track live.

I’m getting sidetracked, Overtime feels like a 90’s club classic, with a dash of New York in the 80’s. I don’t fully know what that means, but it’s what this song gives me. It’s fantastically produced and is the perfect length, the track builds and builds without taking you to a peak and inevitable decline, it’s smooth all the way through and feels perfect for the club and for the commute.

8) Strangers – Sigrid

I talk about this song non-fucking-stop. Although it’s a 2017 release, this has been my song of 2018 (and most of 2017 tbh), Strangers is pop perfection, it’s inherently fun with a little tinge of sadness. 2018 really has been the year for sad bangers, huh?

9) Girlfriend – Christine and the Queens + DÂm Funk

That first ‘Chris’ is so simple, yet so fucking amazing. It snaps my neck with its intensity every time*.

I wrote this in the last post and I think that’s all I need to say about this track. Chris is one of the finest albums of 2018, both in French and English, with Girlfriend being both the lead single and the best track from a stellar selection.

Christine is one of the most revolutionary figures in music, get on board before you get left behind.

10) The Man – The Killers

I’ve been listening to ‘The Man’ at the minute as a bit of a ‘get hyped’ track. It’s featured in a few issues of Most Listened To in this capacity, and I recently wrote an article about how this song is the standout The Killers track and helps me when my mental health isn’t in tip-top shape.

One of my favourite YouTubers is Abroad in Japan, he’s currently biking 3,000km down the coast of Japan and he referenced hating The Killers but using this track to get himself ready to cycle every morning, it really is the best track to give your ego a little bit of a boost.

Let me know what music is your ‘most listened to’ right now, I really want to get into something new. Tweet me @daveygranger

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