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LX Factory: Lisbon’s Alternative Tourist Scene

Welcome to Lisbon, the capital of Portugal and a hilly city full of fantastically fun places to visit, things to eat (we’re talking natas here) as well as an incredible alternative scene, with LX Factory at the heart of it.

We’re back with another budget travel post, as Lisbon can be an exceptionally cheap city to stay in, with tons of Airbnbs and budget hotels available, as well as cheap, frequent flights from the UK and all over Europe, as well as a massive amount of options when it comes to food.

LX Factory Sign LisbonLX Factory Lisbon

LX Factory can be found in Alcântara, Lisbon. Getting here isn’t as simple as navigating the rest of the city, as it’s just outside of the farthest reaches of the Metro, the closest stop is right near the Time Out Market, another place you should definitely be visiting. From there you can hop a bus close to LX Factory, or you can Uber it easily enough.

Suspension Bridge Above lx factory lisbon LX Factory Lisbon

The area started its life in 1846 as a fabric production plant, Companhia de Fiação e Tecidos Lisbonenses, one of the city’s largest industrial complexes at the time. After 50 years, the company ups and moves and then a whole load of other businesses moved in, it then ended up abandoned and run down, like many iconic parts of the industrial revolution have. However, a private investor came along and decides to create something brand new out of it, whilst still respecting the history of the area.

Now LX Factory is completely embedded into the city’s culture and serves as one of the many monuments which make Lisbon the artistic and free city that it is. Find out more about the complex’s history here.

street art in lisbonstreet art lx factory lisbon

AND it’s full of boss street art, like most of Lisbon is. Look out for a further post on this.   There’s over 200 cafes, shops and businesses dotted around the premises today, so you’ll never run out of things to do.

We mainly just had a brief walk around whilst looking at a few vintage stalls and stopping to admire street art, however you can easily spend an entire day exploring all the nooks and crannies of LX Factory whilst taking in some of the most unique things Lisbon has to offer.

LX Factory lisbon

For me, this giant eagle street art was worth the visit alone.

Take time to practice in a dojo, get a tattoo, see a burlesque show, eat incredible vegan food and get some of the best coffee in the city. For a full list of LX Factory residents, head here.

LX Factory is a must visit in Lisbon, either as a full-day experience or on the way to/from Belem and the Time Out Mercado. Make sure to fit this into your schedule, no trip is complete without taking in the modern culture of Lisbon.

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Below find more pictures of LX Factory!

Greenery at LX Factory Lisbon street art at lx factory lisbon man lx factory lisbonstickers at lx factory lisbon LX factory lisbon lx factory friends lisbon

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