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It’s been a hot minute since my last edition of ‘Most Listened To’. Since the last one I’ve been gallivanting around Europe and South America, here we are back in the UK, with the ability to listen to anything I want, not just things I have saved offline!

The only rule we have in Most Listened To is that only one song per artist can be featured in the top 10. So, pour one out for the extra Sigrid and Chvrches songs we lost this week. Here is the last one.

1) Forever – Chvrches

An album track that truly deserves to make it on its own, ‘Forever’ is a classic Chvrches track in the sense that the synth and layers somehow make the lyrics feel even more real than they already do. Plus the whole ‘forever, forever, forever’ bit is fun to sing along too.

This is one of the standout tracks from Love is Dead, let’s hope it gets the recognition it deserves.

2) Quarter Past Midnight (One-Eyed Jack’s Session) – Bastille

The One Eyed Jack’s version of ‘Quarter Past Midnight’ truly flips the song on its head. This stripped back, piano and vocals only, version changes what was once an upbeat party anthem into a reflective, almost sorrowful, ballad. 

Bastille love to produce multiple versions of tracks, to interpret them in many different ways and the first single from their third album is already receiving the Bastille royal treatment.

This version is possibly better than the original, the complexity of the piano riffs and the power behind Smith’s voice really make this ‘B Side’ a song to be remembered.

3) The Man – The Killers

‘The Man’ was The Killer’s return to the scene after a five-year absence and Brandon Flower’s stint of (fantastic) solo material. Even a year after its release, I can’t get enough of it. The bravado this song has, the confidence in the lyrics, the vocals – they truly harken back to The Killers’ debut/ As it should, the song is about Flower’s getting a bit too big for his boots after rising to fame with The Killers first two albums.

This song is The Killers at their best, Flower’s carries the confidence to pull off being ‘The Man’, the catchy guitar riffs and backing vocals really bring the whole thing together.

Plus this is an absolutely fantastic song to get yourself pumped up for the day with.

4) Schedules – Sigrid

Bop after bop after bop.

Sigrid is an unstoppable pop machine. I’ve discussed my love for her track ‘Strangers’ repeatedly, and all of the follow-up tracks have been on par. ‘Schedules’ takes multiple turns you don’t expect it to. This light and airy pop track isn’t too deep, it isn’t heavy, it’s just fun.

Plus, it’s ridiculously catchy.

5) God is a woman – Ariana Grande

Anyone writing about this summer’s music and leaving out Ariana Grande is missing out BIG TIME.

‘God is a woman’ isn’t iconic just because of the video, in which Grande fingers the earth, or because of the uproar the track’s title caused on Twitter with many people averse to the idea of God being a woman, but because the song is about being so good at sex that your partner worships you as a diety.

Grande has already mastered pop, as Nicki Minaj said: ‘Ariana run pop’. Now she’s moving to more R’n’B centred tracks and absolutely nailing them too. She’s an artist that seems to be enjoying success no matter what genre she turns herself too, let’s have more of ‘God is a woman’ please.

6) Roaring 20s – Panic! At The Disco

This Broadway-inspired track is a far cry from the Panic! At The Disco that produced tracks like ‘Everyday I Thank God For Esteban’ but just like its countless predecessors, ‘Roaring 20s’ proves that Panic! are forever a musical force to be reckoned with.

Brendon Urie can do anything, that man can SING. And that man can write a song and a half. ‘Roaring 20s’ is my personal favourite track from their newest album, maybe that’s because I’m currently living my twenties, or maybe it’s because Urie has melded pop, emo and musicals into a concise three minutes.

7) Doesn’t Matter – Christine and the Queens

Christine produces tracks that no one else ever could, she’s taking the best of the 80’s, smashing a handful of pop, some 90’s R’n’B and a whole dose of French pop too.

No other track has as an intoxicating hook as ‘Doesn’t Matter’. It already feels a timeless classic, you could drop this in any era since the 70’s and you can sense it becoming an underground hit. Christine’s second album is already shaping up to be something absolutely killer. September can’t come quick enough.

8) One Kiss – Calvin Harris + Dua Lipa

I talked about this one last time and everybody is worshipping this song so I’ll keep it brief. Calvin Harris turns everything he touches into an absolute hit, as does Dua Lipa. A pop match made in Heaven. ‘One Kiss’ is truly the sound of Summer ’18 in the way that ‘Umbrella’ is the sound of Summer 07. Banging.

9) Zankokuna Tenshino These – Shoko Nakagawa

We finally got some JPOP up in Most Listened To! I spent the majority of my teens listening to JPOP and JROCK, my favourite being the band SCANDAL- they’re up there as one of the bands that I will sell my soul to see perform love.

Shoko Nakagawa, AKA, Shokotan has always been one of my favourite JPOP artists, not just because she used to host a Pokemon TV show and love cats, but because she makes bops. 

This particular track is a cover of the opening to 1995’s Neon Genesis Evangelion, probably the most influential anime of all time. So must Western media would exist without this existential robot anime that kept us all awake nights on end. Shokotan’s version is true to the original but adds a bit of a playfulness that you don’t get when watching children pilot half-robot beasts against biblical monsters. 

10) Sober – Lorde

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Melodrama is one of the best albums of all time. It’s hard to rank the tracks of such a tight and concise album, but ‘Sober’ would have to be near the top. ‘Sober’ is a completely unique song in the sense that it’s premise is nothing special, but it feels so fresh. I don’t know how Lorde does it, but she does it every time.

Thanks for reading, what tracks are you binging at the minute? Since writing this I’m on a total Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks kick, let’s see if that’s represented in the next post.

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