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A few months ago I was contacted by Boohoo Man in relation to their super cool Summer ’18 collaboration with Pepsi, The Art of Football Capsule Collection.

This range is inspired by street art all over the world and brings together the worlds of art and football. I’m becoming more and more of a big ol’ art nerd, I did go as Van Gogh for Halloween, after all. And I’m actually getting back into football for once, with a fantasy team named after my new hero, Mo Salah.

The kind folks at Boohoo gifted me a couple of pieces to shoot and style.


This is my absolute favourite piece from the collection. I love the lil lightning bolts on the sleeves, the big collar, the shade of blue, everything about it. This shirt is a little oversized, but it works nicely as a baggy, tucked into skinny jeans kinda thing.

It’s a t-shirt but it’s good quality, it’s thick enough to be somewhere between a t-shirt and sweater. A t-sweater, if you will.


Hoodies are unfamiliar territory for me, I’m a bomber or denim jacket kinda guy through and through. I see why people wear hoodies non-stop because this is hella comfy. It’s like a hug for your body, a blanket with sleeves.

As mentioned before, I love sleeve patterns and this collection is full of them. I thought a blue tiger would be too much, but it’s a nice level of extra.


I love a white shirt, and I love pairing them with black jeans even more. That contrast??? Everything I need. Plus as a ginger man with a pink-ish skin tone, I tend to stick to whites, blacks and blues. This ticks of all the boxes.

Like the first shirt, it’s a little oversized on me but works well as a tuck in, a French tuck if you’re feeling Tan France’s lessons. I put a black shirt on underneath this and treated it as an outer layer as opposed to a shirt, again like the other in the collection, it’s super comfy.

The twisted Bowie lightning bolts are absolutely peng, and the faded vinyl Pepsi logo on the back is a subtle nod to the collaboration.

Most of the collection is sold out with summer coming to a close, but you can check some pieces out here.

Cheers to BoohooMan for being absolute dons and hooking me up.

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