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Beard Care for the man with sensitive skin*

Spoilers: the man is me. I’m the man with sensitive skin.

The fine folks over at Murdock London kindly gifted me some of the products featured in this post and they’ve revolutionised my face a little bit. They’re experts in men’s grooming and I truly appreciate any help as I’m a man with ridiculously sensitive skin that likely has razor burn on it at any given point during the warmer months. And a beard that I just can’t take care of because I can barely take care of myself!

Today I thought I’d share a couple of products which help to protect my skin and beard whilst shaving and in general daily life, life is tough enough without your facial hair reeking havoc upon your face.

So for a bit of background, I recently decided to overhaul the shaving system I’d had in place for the best part of a decade since I began to shave my face at 13 years old. Still waiting on that growth spurt but got the facial hair pretty god damn early. The reason behind this was that my face was just getting ruined by shaving, my skin was in tatters, it was awful.

My skin became rough to the touch every time I shaved it, I’d have days of itching and razor burn and nothing seemed to be soothing it. This began to effect my confidence as no one wants to be going out with a rash on their neck that can’t be hidden, I loved wearing shirts with collars as they’d hide it a little bit. As someone who owns about 4,000 band tees, this wasn’t the life I wanted to live!

When I’m referring to shaving, I more so mean tidying up the lines of my facial hair and getting the runaways on the cheeks and tidying my neckline up. That’s also something I’ve changed thanks to Jonathan’s advice on Queer Eye, he’s a grooming guru. My beard began to suffer as I wasn’t taking proper care of my facial hair, I didn’t know what to do so sorta did nothing about it instead.

In many ways I’m very lucky because I grow facial hair very quickly, I can mess around with lengths and styles because it’ll be back to normal in a couple of days. The downside of this is that my face needs constant management or I’ll become a yeti who’s facial hair joins his eyebrows in the north and chest hair in the south. And said facial hair would be extremely dry, unstyled and the poor skin beneath would be destroyed.

I reached out on Twitter because the blogging community knows what’s UP and essentially told me to stop doing everything horrifically wrong and begin from scratch. My buddy Ryan Mules gave me some amazing recommendations, so let’s run through some of the products in my new and improved shaving and beard care routine.

The Bluebeard’s Revenge Pre-Shave Oil

This bottle is practically full and I’ve had it for months, all you need is a few drops to rub into your facial hair to get it ready to be ran over with multiple knives. Kinda wild that we do that huh? This magic little oil just makes things a bit easier for those with beards, thicker facial hair and sensitive skin.

Little tip, I always shave after a hot shower as to open up my pores and soften the hair a little bit. I used to do the reverse, that’s a big no-no. However I sometimes do trim my facial hair before the shower to make the post-shower shave a little bit easier as things are a bit tidier and in order.

The Bluebeard’s Revenge Vanguard Synthetic Bristle Shaving Brush + Shaving Cream

I’ve gone old school, goodbye to my pump shaving cream and hello bristles and cream! I feel like my dad.

The shaving brush gives your face a little bit of a pre-shaving exfoliation and during your application of the shaving cream you’ll get all the hairs on your face pointing in one direction. When applying shaving foam with your hands you generally end up with the hair pointing every which way, which then makes for shaving discomfort. You’ll often get the hair lying as flat on your face as possible, meaning you have to apply more force with those multiple tiny knives against your skin. Never a good idea.

The shaving cream is very rich, I’ve found this so much better than shaving foam, it makes things so, so, so much smoother that it’s hard to put it into words. The ‘prep time’ isn’t much longer than using a foam either.

Also, keep the brush synthetic. No need to be using an animal’s bristles on your face, this is just as good, much cheaper and cruelty free.

Gillette Flexball Razor

Razors are expensive and I most definitely don’t replace mine or buy new razorblades as much as I should. I can probably count on my hands the amount of times I bought razorblades over the last 10 years and couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve done that sharpening trick by rubbing them on jeans- spoilers, buying new razorblades is WAY better than a denim sharpened nightmare.

The Flexball razor makes everything 100x easier by moving with the contours of your face and allowing you to reach tricky areas, for me that’s the weird corner between your jaw and ear.

Replace your damn razor blades. It’s worth the money, don’t be like me. Gillette ones are damn good too, they’re the brand I’ve stuck with forever.

Murdock London Beard Oil

Care doesn’t stop when your shaving and trimming does. I think we all sorta neglect our facial hair, or rather we have done. Those days are gone. We take care of the hair on our head so why not on our face?

Murdock London’s beard oil is a blend of 100% natural oils that work wonders for your facial hair. This takes care of your skin and will ensure your beard feels smooth, shiny and healthy. It’s so easy, especially in the cold months, for beards to begin to feel wirey and unkempt. This won’t let that happen to you.

Murdock London Beard Moisturiser

This moisturiser is a way to make your beard and skin feel so much softer every single day. Rub two pumps upwards through your facial hair as close to the skin as possible and you’ll have soft and supple skin in no time. We often neglect the skin beneath the beard, this will make your beard look and feel so much healthier, the same goes for the skin behind the beard.

And my bargain basement recommendation for an after shave lotion is this Nivea one, it’s cheap and I’ve found it to be a lot better than the more expensive competitors. Plus it’s often on offer, even better.

Thanks to the amazing Murdock London lot for providing me with these samples and a big thank you to you for making it this far.

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