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It’s not been long since my last edition of Most Listened To but we’ve bumped it up the schedule a bit as I’m spending much of the next month travelling around, so here’s some of the tracks I can’t stop listening to at the minute.

Catch the songs I was loving a few weeks back here. The only rule we have here is that only one song per artist can be featured in the top 10.

1) Quarter Past Midnight – Bastille

Bastille’s first track from their as-of-yet titled third album dropped last week and it’s my song of the week, month, year, century. This song really does mark a slight change in Bastille’s genre, they keep describing this upcoming album as an ‘apocalyptic party album’ and Quarter Past Midnight is exactly that. It’s got levels on levels, synth on synth and it’s as lyrically polished as we expect Bastille songs to be at this point.

2) Hunger – Florence and The Machine

Florence Welch is probably the most special person on the planet. She’s completely ethereal and will survive whatever apocalypse likely dooms the rest of us to a fiery death. Hunger is a beautiful track that showcases Florence’s voice like no other song of her has done yet. Is this song is any representation of what we have to come next month in her new album, I am VERY excited. Hunger is a very raw song full of emotion and Florence showcases it so well. Her poetry book comes out soon and her music feels even more poetic than it ever has.

3) No Tears Left To Cry – Ariana Grande

Featured in the last one. Still a banger.

4) The Ballad of Mona Lisa – Panic! At The Disco

I’ve been having a bit of a Panic! renaissance over the last couple of weeks, it’s been absolutely mint. The Ballad of Mona Lisa is one of my all time favourite Panic! tracks, the chorus is one of the catchiest, Brendon’s voice is continually incredible and it’s just a good old fashioned tune.

5) Anywhere – Rita Ora

Rita Ora has never been one of my favourite artists, but ‘Anywhere’ has quickly become one of my favourite songs of summer 2018. It’s a classic pop track that just works, it’s nothing wild or experimental, it’s just pop at it’s best.

6) Tokyo – Vampire and Wolves – The Wombats

Featured in the last post and is most definitely still a banger.

7) High Five – Sigrid

This is the first edition of my ‘most listened to’ series that hasn’t featured Sigrid’s ‘Strangers’, but now it’s been replaced by ‘High Five’. Sigrid is on a streak of hits currently and I can’t wait for her debut album. This track blends two very eclectic backing tracks, the song shifts mood completely yet it still works. Sigrid is a pop force to be reckoned with, she’s smashing it over and over.

8) Girlfriend (feat. dam-funk) – Christine and the Queens

God is good, as is Christine. Her first track back is absolutely genius, it’s an R’n’B/pop anthem about relationships and I cannot stop listening to it. This track is intoxicating from the first listen and you can’t help but have it on repeat, plus she dropped an entirely French version because Christine is generous like that. No one does it quite like her.

9) Genius – Sia, Diplo and Labrinth

Did anyone on the planet see this collab coming? It actually really works too, better than it has any right to work. Then again, this is a trio of immense talent so it’s no wonder their collective creative power brings greatness. Their newest track ‘Audio’ is brilliant too- and there’s an album coming later this year. I’ve been craving another solo Sia album, but I’ll take last year’s Christmas album and this for now.

10) Bloom – Troye Sivan

This new Troye track is the centrepiece of his new album of the same name, whilst this is personally my least favourite of the three tracks of this era, there’s no denying that it’s a fantastic track. Troye’s brand of mellow synth pop is something hard to replicate, his vocals, his lyrics and all the production really blend in such a dynamic way. Plus I hear this song is about bottoming? We do love an LGBTQ+ legend like Troye. I’ve said it before and I’ve said it again, I do miss his Youtube videos! I’ve been following him for around 6 years now, throw us a video once in a while Troye!

That’s all for now, what music are you loving at the minute?

I’m wildly excited for the full Florence and Panic! albums to drop at the end of next month.

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