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Welcome to this totally narcissistic¬†and self-serving blog series where I laud about the music I’ve been listening to over the last few weeks, as if my music taste is something to shout over. Well I think it is, because it’s my music taste, of course I like it.

Anyway this ramble is going on like an artist between songs at a gig who’s just a tad nervous. Catch the songs I was loving a few weeks back here. I calculate these songs using Obscurify and have my own little golden rule of only included one main song per artist, otherwise this month we’d have two Panic! At The Disco tracks.

1) Selfish Love – Jessie Ware

Ever since my sister put on one of Jessie’s earliest tracks in her car many moons ago, I’ve been enamoured with her voice. But I never really listen to her enough, now I’m rectifying that awful mistake by binging on ‘This is: Jessie Ware’, her latest album ‘Glasshouse’ and her fucking amazing podcast with her mum ‘Table Manners with Jessie Ware’.

‘Selfish Love’ fits into a niche category of music video, ‘singer kills cheating husband in the pool of their luxurious Californian mansion’. Magnets- Disclosure + Lorde is the only other I know that fits into this weird and wonderful category.

But to actually discuss the song that we’re here to talk about and to not babble about podcasts and murder, ‘Selfish Love’ is a banging tune, it’s my favourite track of her’s. It’s ethereal, powerful, peaceful and suspenseful all at the same time. It’s like if Mr and Mrs Smith were all about sex and power instead of being spies, though that film kinda was all an allegory for sex and their relationship huh?

2) (Fuck A) Silver Lining – Panic! At The Disco

Since the age of 12, Brendon Urie has been my king. Myself and many, many other slightly emo teens worshipped everything he did and crafted as the frontman to Panic! At The Disco. Ten years later, nothing has changed, we still love Brendon Urie. The two recent tracks from Panic! show a lot of growth, as every era of their music does.

(Fuck A) Silver Lining is a devilishly fun anthem about working towards what you know you deserve, it’s a bit of a millennial anthem, I completely dig it.

3) One Kiss (With Dua Lipa) – Calvin Harris

One Kiss is all it takes to fall in love with Dua Lipa even further.

Dua Lipa is a complete pop revolution, everything she touches turns to gold, orrrrr to number one on the UK charts anyway. I went to go see her twice last week and she was god damn amazing from start to finish. I now know how she stays so ripped, as she was on the move for the entire gig. She’s an absolute pop superstar, incredible.

Like Dua, everything Calvin Harris touches turns to gold, so this collab is one for the ages. It’s a bit simple in the lyrics, but it’s catchy as hell.

4) Strangers – Sigrid

This is the third post in a row that this song has been featured in. And I’ve just realised while typing this up that Sigrid and I have the same Nikes. Instead of harping on about this song yet again, just go listen to it.


5) Rose-Colored Boy – Paramore

Rose-Colored Boy is totally infectious and delightful. I wasn’t mad on After Laughter at the time of release, but now I’m loving so many tracks, Rose-Colored Boy specifically. It’s depressing and upsetting, yet colourful and cheerful. A blending of emotions in an upbeat ’80’s inspired track makes for a wonderful music video too.

In this house, we well and truly stan Paramore. Their sound has grown and evolved over the years and pulled through all the absolute piles of crap the band has been put through. Rose-Colored Boy is one of their finest pieces of work yet.


6) The Other Side of Paradise – Glass Animals

In this house we well and truly stan Glass Animals. A conversation about colourful tracks that are bizarrely upsetting wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Glass Animals. How To Be a Human Being is one of the best albums of the last few years, there’s no wonder it was nominated for a Mercury Award. Each track tells a story inspired by different people the band met whilst touring the States for their first album, and none more vivid than ‘The Other Side of Paradise’.

It tells the story of a man leaving his family behind to make it bigger as a basketball player, but he kinda makes it too big and scorns his lover and child. He finds paradise and we get a weird peek at the other side of it.

7) No Tears Left To Cry – Ariana Grande

This track is an absolute banger. Ariana is back with her first new single from her next album. Over the last year, Ariana has been through it. The tragic attack on her concert at Manchester Arena affected everybody in the music world. As somebody who grew up going to gigs in Manchester, well I still do pretty much weekly, her response to an awful attack was amazing, she brought so much to a city we love.

I can’t help but immediately fall in love with her work after Ariana raised so much money for Manchester. However, without that, ‘No Tears Left To Cry’ is still a brilliant comeback. She’s moving away from pop to a little bit more of an R’n’B inspired vibe.

Whatever it is, I’m completely here for it. Ariana is wildly talented and makes absolute bops.

8) IDGAF – Dua Lipa

I’m getting around my own rule here as the other Dua Lipa track is a Calvin Harris track with a Dua feature. ‘IDGAF’ was one of the weaker tracks on Dua’s debut album, or so I thought. It grew on me, and grew on me, until it’s managed to make its way into this list.

Tune. Absolute tune.

9) All The Stars (With SZA) – Kendrick Lamar

I briefly mentioned this track at the end of my last post, I was disappointed that this track hadn’t featured due to me taking way too long to get the post together. My non-stop listening to it finally paid off, and I’m glad to get to feature such an absolute tune in this post.

All The Stars is just one of many bangers from the Black Panther soundtrack, but I have an obsession with anything SZA so this one is my favourite. SZA’s album was one of my favourite

10) Paradise – George Ezra

The final song is this playlist is by the fantastic Mr. George Ezra. His new album Staying at Tamara’s is full of absolute bops, it’s a wonderful collection of upbeat, sad, acoustic, and all round banging tracks. There isn’t a bad track on the album. I watched him perform in Manchester a few weeks ago, the day his album went to number one, it was a grand experience to dance around to these songs that had just sent his album to the straight of the charts.

Paradise is the absolute best track on the album, it’s so much fun and so much different to what I expected. Love it all round.

And that’s another edition of ‘Most Listened To’! Let me know what songs you’re loving so I can binge them ready for the next edition!

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