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Life Update

Bloggers tend to have these incredibly nice posed pics every time they do a personal post, I’m not good at posing but I am good at standing.

I like reading about people’s life because I’m nosey as all hell about the people I care about, so I’m going to be a bit narcissistic and share a bit more about what is going on in my own life. I appreciate when you all do that and I can find out a bit more about you, because I care but also because I’m nosey.

It’s been a few months since I left London, 4 months actually. I miss it a great deal, but then I go back and realise I can do everything I love in a weekend and not be paying through the ass on rent. But then I miss being able to live ‘London life’, so to speak, everyday. I miss living in a huge, diverse city. I miss having loads on my doorstep, I miss my housemates and I even miss just getting on the Tube. London feels like home, but a home that wants me to pay soul crippling amounts in rent whilst earning a mediocre wage.

Right now I live with my parents, which is rather chill. It’s in a town, not a city, which sometimes feels ridiculously suffocating but I end up spending most of my time in Liverpool and Manchester. Most weeks I’m in a combo of both of the cities 3-4 days a week, so 3 at home ain’t all that bad. Plus the food here is banging compared to my lackluster efforts at cooking, though my attempts at being vegetarian have fell completely out of the window. We’ll try again soon.

Work wise, it has been a bit weird. I left my full-time job in December when I moved home. I felt as if I rushed from uni into full-time work and felt quite locked down, and not in the best headspace at times. I wrote a few pieces last year on stress and burning out, and I feel like working in a difficult environment egged that on. I moved away from that to work on what I want to do, to try out some other things and to get a bit more perspective before I go back into full-time employment, which is probably what I’ll end up doing. However, I do feel like I thrive in my own routine, in my own environment and as my own boss.

It’s weird that I’m currently a full time content creator, sure the content is a bit bizarre at time, but I’m technically my own business. A business with a terrible turnover and CEO who sits around in joggers with Drag Race on as he furiously types away, but a business none the less.

Oh and I also broke my finger, well fractured it. I like to be dramatic at times. My piano stand collapsed on my hand. Ironically I was setting it up so I could get back into playing, I haven’t been able to in almost a month because half of my left hand is taped together. Good going.

Recently I was asked to photograph my favourite band of all time, an absolutely wild proposition that came out of nowhere as I’m not a gig photographer. I’m a music journalist, reviewer, critic, editor, whatever you want to call it, but not a live gig photographer. I was going to take it up with some borrowed equipment but then realised with half my hand taped together I can barely hold a camera, let alone be changing settings and lenses in the dark. Maybe another time, but hey I still got invited to my favourite band’s show. That’s something I’ll harp on about forever.

It’s kinda weird that I can get access to some of these cool events and festivals due to my merits as a content creator and journalist, but can’t find a full time paying job in it, it’s a hard time for the creative industry and it feels almost impossible to break into it properly right now. I’m thinking about all these possible careers paths and not sure what I wanna do, I guess that’s normal for being 22. I just don’t want to get stuck down the wrong path and end up not enjoying what I do.

So anyway that’s a bizarre-o life update. I’m hoping to spend two months or so travelling in the summer but my plans keep coming together and falling apart, so we’ll see what happens there.

Who fucking knows is my life motto at this point.

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