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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of chats and discussions with creators of all kinds from all over the internet.

 Today we’re joined by the wonderful Jess of Jess & Josh Cook, a blogger who can cook and create almost anything and knows the restaurants of Brighton better than I know the back of my hand.

D: Who are you and what do you do as an online creator?

J: I’m Jess and I’m a food blogger at Jess & Josh Cook. We do recipes and reviews mostly, Josh does all the cooking for our reviews and I do everything else that comes with having a blog.. I also do some freelance social media management for friends which is what I’d love to do full time!
D: Best of luck with the freelancing, I’m just starting out as a freelancer + it can be so tough!

J: Good luck!! In Brighton it feels like everyone is a freelance social media manager so it’s hard to know if there’s anyones social media left to manage.

D: How is Brighton as food reviewers?

J: Really nice! There’s a small group of food bloggers here so we all usually end up at the same events so we’ve made good friends with them. The food industry here is really close knit too so once we review a restaurant, we usually get to know the owners quite well and get invited back when they have new menus etc.!

D: That’s so great! What are some of your favourite local places to eat?

J: My all time fave place to eat is a little Japanese restaurant called Pompokos. It’s a real hidden gem, no thrills service but super cheap and always great food. You can get a chicken katsu curry for less than a fiver and a whole three course meal for less than a tenner! For somewhere more “fancy” there’s a little small plates restaurant called Isaac@ which is run by 5 guys all under 25 and we have loved it every time we’ve been.

D: That’s amazing, next time I’m in Brighton!

J: I’ve been going at least once a month for the past 8/9 years! It’s only ever gone up about 20p in price. You seriously have to try it next time you’re in the city!

D: That’s absolutely incredible!

How did you get into blogging about recipes?

J: We started experimenting with cooking when we first moved in together and started making loads of dishes neither of us had ever made, and I was worried people would get sick of me posting food photos on my personal Instagram so I made a food one then people started asking for our recipes so we started the blog!

D: Haha that’s brilliant! It’s all history from there!

What recipe should everyone know how to cook?

J: I good Mac’n’cheese!! It’s been my favourite since I was little and you can do so many things to them.

D: Good shout!

Have you had any major food fails?

J: Sooooo many!!! Josh is the chef in our house so on the odd occasion when I decide to cook it often goes wrong. Lots of burnt dinners.

D: A burnt dinner isn’t too bad!!

How is it working as a duo to create content?

J: Haha there’s definitely been a few occasions when I’ve said fuck it and chucked it in the bin and ordered a takeaway!

It’s great to always have someone to proof read my posts, and whenever we do reviews there’s always two sets of eyes and two opinions!

D: We’ve all been there!

That’s a very good point, I always leave mistakes in my posts!

J: Exactly! I hate reading my writing over and over so it can be really handy.

D: Are there a few content creators you could shout out that you guys love?

J: We love The Third Place who’s another local food blogger, I love Callie Thorpe and everything she writes too! And Miss Katy English is total goals with her food photography.

D: Great choices!

Are there any TV chefs your trained eyes are fans of?

J: We are complete Gordon Ramsay super fans!! We’ve watched every episode of every show he’s ever made.

D: That is some dedication!

And for some self love, what content of your own are you a fan of?

J: I’m really happy with how our Instagram is looking at the moment, and this post I did celebrating a Brighton restaurant who opened their first location in London!

D: Very nice!

Do you have any future creative plans?

J: I’m planning on starting an environmental series, each post talking about one step I made to becoming more environmentally friendly, why I did it, how I did it and what others can do! So a brand out from the food related posts.

D: That’s awesome, I’m excited for those, it’s a big topic at the minute!

J: Exactly and it’s something I feel super passionate about, so if it can help someone I’d be over the moon!

D: Grand!

What’s your favourite film?

J: Hahaha ah such a hard question!! Probably Gone Girl or 8 Mile.

D: Gone Girl is so good!

J: So so good!! I could watch it again and again. OH and Moana would have to be up there too, I watch that at least once a month.

D: I still haven’t seen that!

J: David what are you doing!!! It’s so good!!!!!

D: I’ll make sure to watch it!

Who’s your favourite artist/band?

J: Its a toss up between Rihanna and Arctic Monkeys!

D: Again great choices!

Finally, your Hogwarts house!

J: Okay so… This will make me wildly unpopular but I’m not into Harry potter It wasn’t a thing where I grew up (a tiny village in Spain) so I never got into it! But my friends tell me I would be Slytherin.. which could be an insult.

D: I never knew you grew up in Spain!

J: Haha yeah my crazy parents decided to move us there when neither of them spoke any Spanish and we lived in a tiny village that was basically stuck in the 50s. An hour and a half drive from the nearest shopping centre.

So I missed the Harry potter hype, but I learned Spanish. Swings and roundabouts!

A huge thank you to Jess for joining us today and giving up her time! You can find all of her recipes, follow her over on Twitter and on Instagram too!

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