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Can I live a more sustainable life?* [AD]

Today we’re talking sustainability, today we’re talking ethically, today we’re talking the many ways you and I can improve our lives and reduce our impact upon this beautiful blue and green planet we call home. Sustainability has been a topic of discussion on social media lately and it’s got me thinking about all the completely wasteful things I’ve been doing in my life. Let’s run through a couple ways of being more sustainable and ethical in our living.

Reduce your emissions whilst travelling

I’m one of those people who says ‘we can walk it’, even if the journey is about 40 minutes on foot. But if we CAN walk it why not? I wanna see the world…and save money. I don’t own a car, so I often rely on public transport. When I lived in London, this was the norm and it was much easier to live without a car than to live with one. Now I live outside of London, the lack of car is a *little* bit more limiting, however I make do. If you have the resources to, switching to an electric vehicle can have a massive effect on the environment. Plus you get to drive a silent car and that’s very Blade Runner. I used to live near a few charging points, meaning tons of electric cars gliding around very smoothly. The Tesla 3 is coming out, if we all had the budget, I’m sure we’d be right on it. Electric cars are becoming more and more accessible, especially with the NewMotion charging station. There are over 50,000 NewMotion charging points across Europe, so it’s a thing of the past to be worried about where to plug in your car. Plug in your is a very fun sentence to say, we really do live in the future.

Reducing consumption of animal products

The meat and dairy industries account for an absolutely shocking amount of pollution and resource usage. A pound of beef requires almos 1,800 gallons of water. That’s absolutely wild.

This has been a great year for meat/dairy-free alternatives. The demand is on the rise, meaning there are more options popping up. It’s not an all or nothing thing either, you can do as I’ve been doing lately, just being conscious of your choices and aiming to reduce your impact rather than going from all to nothing overnight.

Going as paperless as possible

This is a pretty simple one, it’s been around for a while. It seems most offices these days are officially paperless, but then use excessive amounts of paper anyway.

The little things can add up, go digital with your train tickets, concert tickets, etc. rather than printing off a copy. Reuse paper you have, don’t take a free newspaper to just bin it later, etc. There’s loads of little things that can be implemented.

Stop fast fashion 

It’s tempting to buy as many clothes as possible, to wear something once, take a picture in it and never wear it again. What we don’t think about is the resources that went into that sweatshirt we wore that one time.

Shop second hand, shop vintage, shop Depop and buy ethically and responsible.

A good idea is to stop buying the clothing that’s cheap simply because you can replace it soon after, invest in a more expensive piece that will last. This is something I’m trying to slowly implement myself.

So here’s a basic few tips. Also the classic of carrying round a bag and a coffee cup instead of picking up ones that will land endlessly in dumps. However I think at this point everyone I know is on these two trains, if you’re not, it’s time to!

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