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What it’s like to work from home

Working from home. It’s not like how Fifth Harmony said it would be.

Here are 10 thoughts I’ve jotted down in my first few weeks of working from home after working in an office 9-5 everyday.

I know, a listicle. What is this, Buzzfeed in 2014? Well that’s exactly what I base each and every decision in my life off of.

1) Getting up in the morning is an absolute Brandon Flowers (read: a Killer)

2) Not leaving the house for days on end sounds ideal when you’re commuting on a cramped train at 8am, when it’s your fifth day in the house, the outside world feels like fiction.

3) But being able to watch Netflix on your lunch break is revolutionary.

4) Being your own boss can be hard, if you’re not sat at your desk by 9am, you’re the only one who’s gonna be pissed off about it, because you’ll have to work harder and later.

5) Joggers and pajama pants are the real MVP. I treated myself to a pair of Adidas joggers on Black Friday and I think I’ve worn them so much that they can be legally considered a part of my body.

6) It’s lonely! You see a good tweet and the only way to share it is via social media, you can’t laugh in person with anyone! Your laughter is solitary! Copyright that before Next start selling a print for your bedroom saying ‘laughter is solitary’

7) Snacking is the enemy. I won’t say that I ate an entire packet of Bourbons whilst at my laptop the other day, but I WILL say that chocolate biscuit crumbs do really get stuck in your keyboard.

8) Your surroundings get so repetitive, though that’s the same in any job that I’ve worked. Whether it’s in an office, or retail, or whatever, spending a lot of time in one place can be a bit numbing.

9) After work drinks were a bit of a perk that I do miss, but I can have after work drinks alone in the bath now, and I think that’s the winner.

10) There’s no one to judge you for being completely gross, not showering and working from bed whilst chugging coffee like no tomorrow. Bliss.

To my fellow workers from home, may the force be with you! With all of you who have to go to a physical place of work everyday, may the force be with you. We all need it in the working life.

If you have any tips on working from home or just any advice on freelancing, it would all be much appreciated!

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