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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of chats and discussions with creators of all kinds!

Today we’re joined by a man with an eye for household D.I.Y, Iwan A.K.A. Mr Carrington!

D: What do you do as an online creator?

I: On my blog do men’s fashion, lifestyle and travel, along with anything else that I think might be interesting to people. I like to mix things up and keep it creative so there are no rules with me. If something has inspired me I’ll try to share it. I also have a YouTube Channel where I’ve ended up doing mostly ‘house’ stuff. I’ll do anything from full room makeovers & DIY tutorials, to advice on moving house. I’m really passionate about property and interiors and I love sharing tips and techniques that can help and inspire other people in their own homes. All of my camera equipment is covered in paint splatters as a result though!

D: I didn’t think about the camera equipment that must fall victim to all of your DIYing!

Can you brief me on the man behind the creativity?

I: Although I have a Welsh name I’m actually half Australian. I grew up in the Shropshire countryside & I came to London when I was 18 and have been living and working here ever since! I work at a TV director. I’ve been freelance for a few years now and I’m at the upper age bracket of the Millennial generation!

D: Woah you’re a TV director! I had no idea. Anything I’ll know??

I: Haha that would depend on your viewing habits, most of the stuff I do is for pre-schoolers! I’m currently working on an international property show.

D: That’s adorable and very interesting!

I have nieces so may know what you’ve been making!

I: Aww! You don’t need to use your nieces as an excuse, everyone loves a bit of kids tv now and again!

D: Hahaha very true!!

As a guy with a major eye for interiors, what does every home need?

I: Candles and plants! You can ever have enough, and they instantly make a space feel lived in and homely. I burn candles like there is no tomorrow, I’ve got one on the go now. I also think personality! Thrift stores are the best for adding individual pieces to your home.

D:Good choices! Are there any other housing tips you have as you’re always doing some DIY!

I: I think less is more when it comes to furniture. Some people over fill their spaces loose all the sense of space. My biggest tip for doing DIY is to make sure you have all the food at home. Things always take longer than you expect and it makes me so hungry! Being hangry with power tools is never a good combo!

D: Brilliant tip there.

In terms of everything from your online creation to your work, where do you find yourself drawing your inspiration?

I: At work I’m usually working to a script, so I have a strong starting point to visualise from. I get most of my ideas when I’m running. I see so much when I’m out and about that gives me ideas for things I want to write about or create. I was actually thinking about getting an app so I can voice record my blog posts when I’m out on a run!

D: I like that you find inspo when running, I do too as I find it clears my head of all other noise.

I: You can’t beat a good long run.

D: As a fashion expert, what advice do you have there? I could use it!

I: I can safely say I’ve never been called that before, can I quote that on my CV? I love your style! You can’t go wrong with black & your yellow coat is iconic!

Right I’m going to be a massive hypocrite here and say less is more! I think a capsule wardrobe is a great idea with a few quality pieces that you can mix and match. I’m awful though, I buy things all the time and am guilty of not giving them enough thought! That said I think it’s great to try new styles and pieces that are out of your comfort zone. I’ve been wearing a lot more trousers this year, and recently picked up an over coat. I’m not usually that formal but I’m really pleased with how they look.

I’m a big fan of thrift stores and always encourage people to shop in them. It’s guilt free shopping! I’d advise people to dress for themselves and not for the approval of others. Rules are made to be broken! It always shocks me when people think they need to dress a certain way to fit in, or shop in certain places because of their age! Someone recently called me a ‘teenager’ for shopping in Topman, what’s that about!? I’ll probably still be shopping there when I’m 80!

I do have an issue with the jeans & flip flops combo though, that makes me feel a bit uneasy. I spend most of the summer trying not to glance down if I suspect this is happening! I can just about cope with it if it’s a skinny jean but if it’s a boot cut and it’s flapping about under the heel… I’m going to have to change the subject because this is making me feel ill. And I’ve noticed a lot of guys wearing trainer socks with suits which I’m personally not a fan of either, I think either go hidden sock and show your ankles or wear a proper one! Sorry I’m ranting about socks now…

D: No this was absolutely brilliant!! Incredible and thank you for the compliments! You can of course use that on your CV.

Thrift stores are definitely one i want to use more, you can find such gems.

I: 100%! There are some great ones in South London

D: Are there any clothing brands you swear by, as well as household stores? It seems like a lot of people think the more £ the better quality.

I: Definitely! I love the quality of Coach pieces and you can pick them up for really decent prices in the sales! In terms of high street, I’ve picked up some great bits from New Look, H&M & BooHoo recently.

Where do I start with Homeware!? IKEA & HAY have done a really cool collaboration recently, really clever pieces that don’t break the bank. H&M home is a big favourite! Also the supermarkets – George at ASDA has some great bedding & lamps. British Heart Foundation have some great individual vintage furniture finds too! I honestly don’t understand why anyone in their right mind would shop in somewhere like Oak Furniture Land, it’s so expensive and the staff have an annoying habit of knocking on the furniture.

D: Great recommendations, some of my best bits have been from ASDA! I used to work there back in the day.

What creators are you a fan of?

I: I’m a big fan of your blog, especially the interviews so I’m honoured to be taking part. Honestly there are so many it’s impossible to mention them all. I still love reading some of the original blogs I stumbled across including Man Face and Liam Pitts! They have authenticity. Joshwa Saint James has brilliant grooming reviews, it was fun to collaborate with him earlier this year with yourself and a few other the other guys! On YouTube James Welsh always makes me laugh and Luke Catleugh‘s enthusiasm for London is infectious! For interiors, I’m obsessed with Abigail Ahern! I apologise to anyone I’ve missed.

D: You’re making me blush.

These are all some amazing people + the collaboration we all worked on together was really useful, I learned a whole lot about skincare.

And now for some self love, what that you’ve made are you most happy with?

I: I think for me it’s this post – one of my more personal ones and my most popular post to date (it’s had 5 views, including my Mum!). It was good to talk openly about men’s mental health, and I managed to complete the Marathon and raise 1K for CALM. I got some sponsors from other bloggers too which was so kind of them and made my day. I’m very thankful for that!

D: That’s amazing, you should be very proud of that.

Are there any future creative goals you have?

I: Not goals as such but I just want to keep doing what I’m doing and hopefully inspire other people along the way. I feel lucky that I can have fun with my blog & YouTube and also do a job that I really enjoy! Finding the time for it all can be a challenge but it’s so rewarding.

D: Definitely so rewarding, you really reap what you sow.

Finally just the three dumb questions I subject everyone to.

Whats your Hogwarts House?

I: I’m not sure, you tell me!?

D: You gotta do the quiz, I’m no sorting hat!

I: The quiz tells me Hufflepuff.

D: Whats your favourite movie?

I: Anything by Studio Ghibli…or Sex and the City.

D: Finally, any favourite musicians/artists currently?

I: Years and Years, I think Olly is the coolest human! They were so good at Brighton Pride!

A huge thank you to Iwan for joining us today, and for those compliments, he’s now my favourite person on the planet. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram, check out his blog and learn a thing or two over on his YouTube channel.

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