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The year is nearly over and we’re up to the second to last instalment of 2017’s MOTM posts.

Here’s October’s if you missed it.

 The Way Life Goes – Lil Uzi vert, Nicki Minaj + Oh Wonder

I don’t think anyone ever expected to see Oh Wonder’s Landslide sampled alongside Nicki and Uzi, least of all Oh Wonder. This is a magical, mystical collab that works absurdly well, much better than it ever should. It’s a testament to all involved’s incredible talent.

Santa’s Coming For Us – Sia

Santa’s Coming For Us is the first track from Sia’s entirely original Christmas album, Everyday is Christmas, a 10 song collection that’d already a holiday staple. Sia’s voice was made for this type of thing, and she adds her token charm and quirkiness that really seperates this from the masses of mediocre Christmas music.

I was very kindly asked to be a part of promotion for this album, check out this lil tweet here. That’s not why I’m singing it praise though, I was already obsessed with it before being asked! Thanks Atlantic!

Lemon – N.E.R.D + Rihanna

The truth will set you free, but first it’ll piss you off.

N.E.R.D. and Rihanna coming together is a collaboration for the ages, it’s wildly intoxicating and one of the catchiest tracks to be released in recent times. It’s hard to believe this is the same Pharell that brought us Happy. Absolutely massive tune.

 Spray Paint Love – Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes

Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes create some of the most alluring and memorable riffs in rock. Spray Paint Love is no exception. Bluesy beats are mixed in with this sharp guitar and deep drum beats that will be lodged in your head for hours, it’s a winner.

Love Yourself – The Boxer Rebellion

The Boxer Rebellion are extremely good at what they’re good at. Love Yourself is a brilliant track, but more important is what it’s in aid of, CALM. Mental health is a serious issue, one with which frontman Nathan Nicholson has faced multiple times. Check out the video here.

World Gone Mad – Bastille

Doing things a little differently when compared to their last album, Bastille have dropped World Gone Mad, a track of hopelessness, despair and all round ‘2017 mood’, topped with a bunch of acoustic guitar and strings. This is actually the first time the band has used acoustic guitar in ANY of their songs, yet it feels completely natural.

Bastille can experiment as much as they want with instruments, when paired with Dan’s voice and lyrics, it’s always so essentially Bastille that it never feels out of place or like a failed effort. Video is bangin’ too.

Strangers – Sigrid

Sigrid is set to be the next big thing, track after track, innovative and questioning pop song one after another- she’s killing it. Strangers is no exception. From heavy hitting beats to slow, ethereal vocals, Sigrid’s Strangers is a real journey.

Lemon to a Knife Fight – The Wombats


The Wombat’s have returned with a wildly weird song with the most memorable title of all time. The Wombats never lose their charm and wonderfully crafted lyrical skills. As a fellow Scouser I’m always gonna love them.

My Sharona (Recorded at Abbey Road Studios) – Royal Blood

Originally debuted on Radio 1’s LiveLounge month, Royal Blood have covered one of the most iconic tracks in the recent past. Without twisting or deconstructing it, they’ve put their own spin on such a huge song and yet it serves as a perfect homage to the original.

Twice – Jagara

These sisters are probably bored of the consistent comparisons to HAIM, but it’s the highest honour that can be bestowed upon these guys. Jagara consistently nail their brand of mellow, almost tropical pop. Twice is no exception.

Tin Pan Boy – YUNGBLUD

This song shouldn’t work, but it really does. It’s about 15 different genres and moods in one, it’s a complete eclectic mess of genius. YUNGBLUD is someone to watch in 2018.

Obsessed – Maggie Lindemann

Obsessed is the peak of 2017 pop, it’s got confident lyrics, Lindemann’s strong vocals, synth for days and a lot of attitude. Reminiscent of ALMA, Sigrid and others, Maggie Lindemann is part of a brilliant group of women crushing pop this year.

I know You – Craig David + Bastille

Craig David and Dan Smith (Bastille front man) created this song in one evening, blending together both of their very distinct and contrasting sounds. I Know You is a hit centring on those drunken nights with your friends when someone inevitably falls over and looks like a dick.

Dan and Craig’s voices are both strong enough to have huge, catchy solos and kill the chorus in a beautiful, building duet. Let’s hope this isn’t the last of their work together.

Arisen My Senses – Björk


Bizarrely beautiful, mystical, and just plain catchy. Björk’s new album is set to be a massive success for fans of her’s. A huge track offset by vocals that feel both small and large somehow, Arisen My Senses is a treat for the senses (heh).

New Rules Initial Talk Remix – Dua Lipa + Initial Talk

I don’t know how many versions of New Rules I’ve featured in these posts at this point, they’re all just so good. Initial talk has taken 2017’s biggest and most defining pop hit and turned into something that sounds like it should be playing in Hawkin’s High School. This is the most incredibly 80’s remix and one of the best remixes I’ve ever heard.

My God & Your God – To Kill a King

A bit of folk, a bit of rock make up TKAK’s newest track. Keeping in with the whole world and aesthetic being built for their upcoming album, Spiritual Dark Age, My God & Your God is a catchy, essential TKAK track.

As always you can find all of the tracks listed here:

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