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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of chats and discussions with creators of all kinds.

 Today we’re joined by photographer extrodonaire, Kaye of Fordtography, if you’re a follow a lot of bloggers online, you’ll have 100% seen some of her amazing work!

D: What is it you do online?

K: I really don’t know haha I blog some stuff and take some photos and self-market on social media. So I guess what I do online is show the world what I create with my camera!D: Could you tell me a bit about the woman behind the camera/blog?

K: I’m a 20 something year old woman who is heavily into Witches and the craft, spirituality, and photography really is my life. Everything I do seems to revolve around photography and I bring it into all aspects of my life. Especially travel. Always got to document the many travels I like to go on. I don’t tend to have many hobbies because photography is my biggest love and main hobby that I managed to turn into my profession!

D: What’s your biggest photography tip for newcomers? 

K: Well, not to brag but I did recently write a blog post for Manfrotto on my tips for fashion photography so yanno, you can read that here. But really, my main tip for newcomers is never put the camera down. Practice, practice, practice.

Photography IS my life and I consider myself so lucky to have made it my profession, but I still to this day won’t stop putting the camera down. I always have one on me and when I have quiet time (which is rare right now) I am still creating and trying to learn and push myself. I did loads of self-portraits at university and I am trying to break out of my comfort zone and go back to doing that!

D: As a photographer, who do you take inspiration from? 

K: Tim Walker is a big love of mine. He is the one who truly inspires me and I wow every time I see his work.

D: What was it that lead you to portrait photography? 

K: I wish I had a great story for this but I really don’t. I decided in sixth form that photography is what I wanted to do but I really don’t know or remember what lead me to portraits rather than products or other aspects of photography.

I think it is simply I enjoy meeting new people and capturing the beauty within everybody. I was heavily into fashion and still am, so I think it all just stemmed from wanting to create fashion imagery within magazines to now working with and capturing fashion influencers.

D: You work hard to produce some incredible portraits, do you set out trying to capture a certain something? 

K: No. Obviously I want to try and capture the personality and the essence of my subject, but I see it as a collab mainly because every client has different ideas as to what they want and different reasons for coming to me and hiring me. I just have an essential shot list and it is always to capture a good full body shot and a good head shot.

D: Do you have any dream projects?

K: Always. I never stop dreaming. I want to be sent to the US for some shoots. I adore the US so to be sent there to shoot would be AMAZING. Or tophotograph a Chanel fashion show at Paris Fashion Week would be a dream.  My career started at London Fashion Week and it has always been my dream to take it abroad and Chanel is the ultimate dream for me. Or shooting a Chanel campaign or something.

D: Of your work, what have you enjoyed the most/been most proud of?

K: There is so much that I know I should be proud of, but I am such a perfectionist that I always think the next job I will be most proud of. And I never am. I need to listen to others more when they say they are proud of me because I have achieved so much recently and some people would say it is #goals, but I always want to strive for more. I guess the one I have most enjoyed though is when Ashley James flew me to Croatia for 6 hours and we managed to do 2 separate shoots within those 6 hours and I got a slight tan haha!

D: What creators are you a fan of? 

K: Alex Cameron. Lara Jade. Fashionicide. Laura Lou Makeup. So many females are killing it right now online.

D: What Hogwarts house are you? 

K: Is there a way to find out?! I really don’t know. I think I would be a Slytherin, but I reckon I would actually be a Hufflepuff or something a bit more tame.

D: What’s your favourite film?

K: Donnie Darko. It is the only movie I can watch countless times and not get bored of it, but also learn something new about it each time I watch that. Oh and Nightmare Before Christmas of course. I watch it every Halloween and every Christmas.

D: Who’s your favourite artist/musician/band?

K: Taking Back Sunday and Enter Shikari. Ultimate faves and I will never skip their music when I shuffle it all.

Big up Kaye for taking time out of her extremely busy schedule to chat with me,

she’s one of the hardest workers I know. Check her blog and site out, follow her on Twitter and 100% follow her on Instagram to see some of her absolutely AMAZING shots.

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