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5 things I’ll miss about London: a cheesy ode to the city

If I don’t harp on about it enough in these posts, I’m leaving London soon. It’s been my home for a year and I bloody love it here, however in order to chase down various travel and career goals, I’m taking a step back for a while. It’s a big one, but I can’t afford London rent whilst travelling nor can I pay for London rent when freelance writing as my career stands currently. One day eh?

You’ve not fell onto Buzzfeed, Cracked or any other of those hit listicle website the kids are loving, but that doesn’t mean you’re free from them. Here are 5 things I’m gonna miss about this city.

Clapham Common Tube Station

1) T R A N S P O R T 

London’s transport system is absolutely wild. A billion tube lines combined with a few other things that technically aren’t the underground but they’re practically the underground, an amazing bus system and apps that can get you anywhere. I grew up in an area connected pretty decently and it doesn’t hold a candle to London. The freedom of travel is something I’ll lose when going back home, especially as I don’t own a car. Being able to go anywhere in the city at the drop of a hat is incredibly enviable.

You can get a train all the way to Brussels for fuck sake, it’s absurdly good.

Bags of coffee beans in Essence Cuisine, Hackney

2) F O O D  + D R I N K 

UK cities are pretty stocked when it comes to food. Street food is more popular than every, independent restaurants work to support each other to give the communities in which they reside something a bit more unique than a Bella Italia.

Due to it’s size and it’s status as a melting pot of the world, nothing compares to London. From Japanese BYOB restaurants that you can only get a booking in around 11pm to artisan coffee places that cost extortionate amounts and pop up stalls that you never see again, London has it all, no matter how weird and wonderful.

The choice of bars is absolutely wild, although due to the cost of drink I never getting to hit up as many as I want, though I can reel off London’s best Spoons.

Years and Years headlining Mighty Hoopla, Victoria Park

3) M U S I C 

I might have lived in Liverpool, arguably the birthplace of modern music, and it does have such an amazing music scene, but London’s size and capital city status means there’s even more to be heard. There are gigs on every corner and they’re always in such incredible venues. Brixton Academy is one of my favourite places in this city, I’ve spent so much time there this year.

Multiple times at gigs I’ve bumped into or saw someone I look up to, musicians, podcasters, whatever. Little bit mad for me who’s never had that happen before, and then it’s suddenly the norm to be seeing a celebrity DJ you have a huge crush on jamming out to Haim like 10 feet from you.

Autumn leaves in Green Park,

4) C O M M U N I T Y 

This includes all the friends I already had in this city but the many many new ones I’ve made this year, you’re all grand.

London was hit by a lot of tough shit this year. London stood together and stood up in many ways that made me so incredibly proud to be a Londoner.

Apart from the actual, deep stuff, London has such a fun online presence to follow and be a part of. Yes, I am going to miss all of these London centric memes.

Being a big poser in the basement of the Tate Modern, Southbank.

5) E V E R Y T H I N G

There’s so much here, there’s so much to do here, it’s a little overwhelming at times. You feel like you’re really wasting a Saturday afternoon sat at home when you could be out experiencing something that you’ve never experienced in your life just 30 mins away on the Tube.

This is just a brief love letter to a city that’s been a wild ride from day one. From my outsider perspective, London is a difficult city to live in, but it’s one that comes with massive rewards if you power through. It’s like no other place on Earth for better, for worse.

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