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Tia Maria Tia Brunch’n’Grind

Last weekend I experienced a pretty idyllic Sunday morning, or at least I did after multiple delays, due to myself getting up late  (as always)+ deciding to walk through central London instead of travelling beneath it) .

 Just behind the Barbican is St. Barts Brewery, the setting for a Tia Maria hosted brunch, this is where the idyllic Sunday morning begins. My friend Haydy of the brilliant food and travel blog Squibb Vicious was kind enough to invite me along with her to experience some cracking cocktails + coffee, as well as food provided by a chef from London’s extremely famous Duck and Waffle.

In celebration of London Cocktail Week and International Coffee Day, we were treated to a whole host of Tia Maria cocktails including the Tia Mint Americano and the Tia Flat White, both photoed above and both absolutely incredible. Considering how much I love coffee, I’d never really considered Tia Maria as a drink, after these that is definitely changing.

Food provided by a Duck and Waffle chef was life changingly good. Just absolutely next level, I can’t even begin to put it into words. It beats my usual breakfast of a Belvita – and I really love Belvitas.

After all the food and drink, we took part in a coffee cocktail masterclass with Dan Lacey of Extract Coffee and Tia Maria Brand Ambassador Rainbow. Haydy and I might not have made the winning espresso martini, but it tasted like a winner. That might have been influenced by the 3 other cocktails we’d downed by 12pm on a Sunday, though I think that can be overlooked.

As a coffee nerd, it’s really interesting to learn more about the process and what truly goes into making a good cup of coffee, spoilers, it’s not instant.

Thanks for having us Tia Maria!

This post was in no way sponsored or paid for, I had an incredible time and wanted to share the experience. Until next time Tia Maria.

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