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My bangers of 2017 playlist is getting pretty larger there’s only a few more Music of the Month posts left of the year.

Before taking a look at my top picks for September’s new releases, catch up on August’s post.

Provider – Frank Ocean

As I say in every addition, every Frank Ocean track is a gift to us for the wait between Channel: Orange and Blonde.

In truth Frank doesn’t need autotune to these levels, but that’s what sets Provider apart.

Crybaby – Paloma Faith

Tropical beats give Paloma’s first track in three years a Calvin Harris-esque feel, making it just as catchy as any of his recent tracks. Emotional lyrics and Paloma’s killer really make this a strong return.

Maybe I will go on and cry.

Backyard – Sløtface

Guitar as prominent as vocals with that sweet teen movie feel make me feel like it’s 2002 and I’m driving to the mall with my fellow sophomores in my Indiana based high school. A real track for adventures.

This has gotta be one of the standouts of the latest album, Backyard Adventures, being a (sorta) title track. Some childhood nostalgia always makes for a heavy hitter.

Los Ageless – St. Vincent

This is already the song of Autumn 2017. Following on from New York, St. Vincent takes us to the west coast for this absolutely amazing track with a million different levels, layers and beats which all fit together into one cohesive journey.

Dusk Till Dawn – ZAYN + Sia

If this cinematic art isn’t enough to convince you to listen to this Sia and ZAYN track, nothing I can say will.

These two have such powerful and unique voices, the two of them are almost built for collaboration and the forces finally meet here.

Disco Tits – Tove Lo

Disco Tits is as good as it sounds. What a bloody amazing title.

Tove Lo brings heavy beats and layered vocals for a track that makes me wanna dance with 17 drinks in the club. The standout lyric gotta be ‘I’m fully charged, nipples are hard’

Absolutely mega.

The Line – Foo Fighters

Aging like a fine wine, the Foo Fighters hit it out of the park with their latest studio album. The Line might not be The Pretender, but it’s damn near as addictive and so quintessentially Foo Fighters.

Crime – Grey, Skott

Skott is always featured in these posts because every track she brings out is a heavy stream of continuous fire. Collaborating with Grey on this track, they bring their A game with a catchy backing track melting acoustic into club worthy beats.

Spiritual Dark Age – To Kill a King

We’re big fans of To Kill a King here on daveygranger. Ralph’s speedy vocals really suck you into this true spiritual dark age. This world might be a total crock of bullshit but we’re all in it together, as those mass of voices remind you.

Homemade Dynamite REMIX – Lorde, Khalid, Post Malone, SZA

Taking what many are calling the best track from her sophomore album and adding three new artists, changing the whole tone, beat and vibe of the track complete is a total Lorde move. It pays off in making this version of Homemade Dynamite a triumphant track in it’s own right, it’s far more than just a remix.

I Love You, Will You Marry Me – YUNGBLUD

YUNGBLUD might be well…yung and new to the scene, but this track reeks of experience and a deep understanding of how to make a true indie banger. He’s reminiscent of early Arctic Monkeys, and being a fellow Northerner makes him one I’m watching.

Heartline – Craig David

I’ve been listening to this for 7 days now. Has anyone ever made such a triumphant comeback like Craig David has? Heartline is setting up this new album to be full of some dominating, catchy as all hell, pop tunes. Get it Craig.

The Last Of The Real Ones – Fall Out Boy

Drop this one for some space explorer emo 2011 vibes. From pure piano, to layers on layers of synth and banging drum beats, Last of the Real Ones gives it all

Week Without You – Miley Cyrus

Miley is a truly versatile artist but she goes back to her roots on Week Without You, the finale promo for her album Younger Now. Playing it slow and losing the pop is a good choice, great goin Smilerz.

Rut – The Killers

About as many people claim to miss the ‘old’ Killers as miss the ‘old Kanye’.

Their latest album, and Rut imparticular, won’t have you pining for the days of Sam’s Town and Hot Fuss. Granted they are banging albums though.

Royal Highness – Tom Grennan

Come be my lover, be my getaway car

You’ll be singing the song for days after listening to it, Tom Grennan’s hit it out of the park with this total tune. His rough voice feels totally smooth and nails the brief.

Into The Blue – Rationale

In the lead up to his debut album, Rationale is continuing along a string of hits really showcasing just what he can do with his voice. And that is blow us all away, sound bloody fantastic and hit notes I didn’t think possible.

As always you can find all of the tracks listed here:

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