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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions and chats with creators of all kinds.

 Today we’re joined by a very fashionable gent, known for his expertise and insight into the blogging world and how social media platforms are sorta becoming our enemy: Adam of The Male Stylist.

D: What is it you do as a creator?

A: My work on The Male Stylist has been about producing content that speaks to men of all ages about style, grooming and body image. Much of this has been about helping men find their personal style, what helps them feel confident in their day-to-day lives and ways of achieving timeless looks.

D: That’s such an eloquent explanation! 

What about the man behind the blog?

A: I’m a 27 year old scouser who moved to London nearly 6 years ago to work in fashion marketing and advertising. The blog itself grew from my love of the “gentleman’s style” and I wanted to bring it to younger men around the world. I refer to myself on the blog as an “aspiring gentleman” as for me it has been about learning and developing myself as an individual to better help others.

D: The actual next q is what moment did you decide to start a blog?

A: It was May 2014 and I’d come to the end of a bank holiday weekend. I decided I wanted to apply what I’d learnt from my time in digital marketing and create an authoritative and authentic site within the men’s style and grooming industry. I sat down with my laptop, bought the domain and started writing posts. It’s been an amazing experience since.

D: And the rest is history! How did you find the first few months of blogging, is there anything that surprised you?

A: The first few months were a slog, loads of writing, imagery and getting myself and my site out there. Once I was through the worst of that, my stats started to pick up and I began to see lots more traffic coming to the site. I think my main surprise was how supportive the community was. Bloggers everywhere offered help, advice and shared content. It certainly felt like a great community to be a part of

D: We’re very lucky to be in such a supportive community.

What’s been your favourite thing about blogging?

A: Mostly I’ve enjoyed creating and building my own brand and message. My work on body image has helped a lot of my followers and friends come forward about their insecurities whilst my personal style content has helped me become something of an authority within the tailoring industry. Most of all though I love the support and feedback. Every single share, comment and view means so much to me and I appreciate each one so much, a big thank you to my readers/followers.

D: Conversely, anything you dislike about creating content?

A: I think there’s still a great deal of misunderstanding from companies as to what bloggers do and how much effort it takes to create high quality content. Sadly, this can result in bitter feelings between both parties and I think it’s an area of the digital space everyone needs educating on. The focus should be on quality, not speed or price.

D: Definitely, it’s a shame that many see it as a numbers game.

A: It absolutely is.

D: One day we’ll get there!

In your time creating, do you have any standout moments or favourite posts of yours?

A: I certainly have some posts that I’m really proud of. My body image work has really connected with my audience, with many people getting in contact with me to say those posts helped them get to grips with their own insecurities. I’m also proud of how my outfit posts have evolved. At first they were taken in my living room with my phone, now I’ve been to some great London locations and worked with fantastic photographers.

D: I’ll have to get some tips from you for these fashion shoots.

Any future creative plans?

A: I think I’m just keen to grow my audience, keep my content honest and encourage more conversation around body image and mental health. I’d like to get into video a little more and maybe podcasts, but that’s still got a long way to go.

D: Those all sound great!

One more main question, which bloggers do you look up to the most/enjoy the most?

A: Adam Gallagher of IAMGALLA has always been an inspiration for me. He’s a very genuine blogger and amazingly talented. I also love Robin from ManForHimself, Thom Watson from MANFACE and Neil Thornton from What Neil Did.

They all provide very honest content with fantastic advice and ideas.

D: What’s your Hogwarts house?

A: Much as I’d love to think I’m a Gryffindor, I’d probably end up in Slytherin. I enjoy causing mischief too much!

D: Take the test and be certain!

A: Lol yep, Slytherin.

D: Do you have a favourite film of all time?

A: Catch Me If You Can is my favourite movie. It’s one of Spielberg’s lesser known movies but a real masterpiece of stylish cinematic and detective-thriller drama

D: What music are you loving currently?

A: I’m a really big fan of jazz and that “Mad Men-era” music. However, I’m currently on a new workout plan and in the gym 5 times a week so really getting into some of Spotify’s workout playlists.

D: Mad Men is the greatest!

A: Amen

A big thank you to Adam for joining us today! Check him out on Twitter, Instagram and of course his blog. Make sure to read his insightful post on what a mess Instagram has become.

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