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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions and chats with creators of all kinds.

 Today we’re joined by lifestyle blogger extraordinaire who knows what she’s talking about: Amanda Bootes!

D: What do you do as a creator?

A: I am a Food, Fitness and Lifestyle Blogger and freelance writer for Huffington Post Blogs and DailyFocal.

D: What about the woman behind the blog?

A: 24. Although feel about 70 rn. I can’t be the ONLY one whose always exhausted and excited for bed can I?!

I’m from Kent, but spend the majority of my time wandering and eating my way around London. I did spend 6 months in the south of France studying pastry and I’m forever trying to work out how I can go back.

I work in PR and social media management alongside my blog and writing. But I used to be a chef!

D: You used to be a chef?! What’s your speciality?

A: I don’t actually have one. Every time someone finds out I’m a chef they ask that question. But I love always learning new things and creating new dishes

D: That’s a very cool skill to have.

A: It is super handy for whipping up something to eat!

D: When and why did you start blogging?

A: I started blogging around 4 years ago while living in France, as a way to share my recipes and experience with friends and family. I then stopped when I can back to the UK and picked it up again 3 years ago in November late one evening as I missed the challenge of expressing myself and writing.

My first ever post on (my first blog was under a different name) was about the comparison between the different TV christmas adverts!

D: Interesting first post, which advert won?

A: I have a feeling it was the Sainsburys chocolate one.

D: What have you enjoyed about blogging most?

A: Oh wow. Erm there’s so much. I’ve learnt so much, I’ve met some incredible people and done some amazing things. It’s really given me a whole new side to my life that I always had but could neverpin point.

D: On the other hand, any dislikes about it all?

A: The unnecessary drama, school like playground bitchiness and cliques.

D: That’s coming up a lot in this round of interviews!

A: It’s a major problem.

D: It truly is.

Now let’s spread some love a bit, any creators, whether bloggers or not, who influence you/your content or just ones you look up to?

A: Aloha Amy. She is so strong and beautiful inside and out.

Carly Rowena. The most humble and down to earth person I have ever met.

Em Sheldon. The most selfless, kind hearted and incredible person. Her fitness and travel posts just give me all the lust envy.

Em Clarkson. Quirky. Cute and downright lovable and she is about to explode right now with her new book

D: And now for some self love, any stuff you’ve done or made that you’re most proud of?

A: There’s nothing that stands alone. But just being able to do and create what I love.

D: Any future plans for your creative endeavours?

A: I’m trying to take things a day at a time and see what happens and just enjoy the ride.

D: What’s your Hogwarts house? If you’re into Harry Potter.

A: I’m not a HP fan!!

D: We’ll move swiftly on.

Do you have a favourite film of all time?

A: Burlesque DEFO

Christina Aguilera is HOT and her voice is to die for.

D: Any music you’re loving currently?

A: I’m currently obsessed with James Bay again! He came up on my Spotify and was like, I used to love him!

Other than that its ALWAYS Deaf Havana, Chris Ayer or Matt Simons.

I’m a huge country fan too.

A huge thank you to Amanda for joining us today. Check out her blog, as well as her Twitter and Instagram.

For all other interviews, hit up the masterpost.

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