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Last month I turned 22, and as a birthday present from the most important person in my life (me) I received a solo trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK!

A bubblewrap kingdom filled to the brim with plants, located almost as far southwest as you can go in the country! From London, the journey took 6 1/2 hours door to door – it’s really bloody far from anywhere!

However it’s totally worth it. The place is lush, for lack of better word. It’s like stepping onto a different planet, one without pollution, one that’s sustainable, one where humans don’t rule.

Rather than harp on, as I don’t know a bloody thing about plants, have a nosey at all these photographs.

All of these photographs were taken in the biggest ‘biome’ of the two, the rainforest biome.

This one was by far my favourite and was absolutely huge compared to the other biome. The temperature inside was also 40 degrees Celsius. Bloody intense.

Below you can see the much smaller, much cooler Mediterranean biome. This one wasn’t as impressive to me, but it had a much more relaxed vibe.

It was a short but sweet visit.

I attended the Eden Sessions whilst there and saw Bastille play (no surprise, I love them). For £45 + a booking fee, you get a two day pass into the project as well as your gig ticket and after hours access to the project.

100% worth it.

I fully recommend keeping an eye out for who’s playing the Eden Sessions in 2018! Considering a day ticket to the Eden Project is £25, I think the extra £20 for a gig and more access is completely worth it, especially as it’s such a long way to travel for 90% of the country.

This was such a brilliant break in my own country, I forget how nice the U.K. can be at times, often I end up booking abroad as it can cost the same, if not cheaper, than going away here!

A little trip away on my own isn’t something I’m in a mega rush to do again, but I’m glad I did it. It was so relaxing to spend some time completely alone, out of the city and as in nature as I’m going to be for a while!

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