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August 2017

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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions and chats with creators of all kinds.

Today we’re joined by my good friend + blogger of many talents Arran Brown of Halo of Thoughts!

D: What do you do online as a creator?

A: So I’m a blogger who’s main focus is Male Grooming, fashion, food and gaming. I also dabble in between about ongoing situations when I face them.

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Music has always been a big part of my life, for the last year in particular. I
wanted to share some of the artists that have had a lasting effect on me and my
life today! Going in chronological order, let’s start with…












My sister Suzanne had the albums ‘Made of Bricks’ and ‘Back to Black’,
for me, two of the most iconic albums of the 00’s. I listened to them
constantly, and even now I play them on the regs. These albums came into my
life during those very important pre-teen years when I was just beginning to
form my own musical tastes, and whilst the topics of these songs were beyond a
12 year old’s comprehension, I still hung onto every word I went to see one of
Kate Nash’s 10th Anniversary Made of Bricks shows and it was frigging lit. (I’m
writing this before I go, I assume it will be lit?)

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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions with creators of all kinds!

Today we’re joined by one of the warmest people I’ve ever met (even if only briefly in an All Bar One!), blogger and online magazine founder, Beth Eveline.

Photo credit: Alex Cameron

D: What is it you do online as a creator?

B: I create content with no filter, it’s things that I feel like I want to talk about, but also what I feel like might be useful for others too. I used to create content that I thought other people wanted to read, but now I make what I want to make, which is much more enjoyable.

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Last month I turned 22, and as a birthday present from the most important person in my life (me) I received a solo trip to the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK!

A bubblewrap kingdom filled to the brim with plants, located almost as far southwest as you can go in the country! From London, the journey took 6 1/2 hours door to door – it’s really bloody far from anywhere!

However it’s totally worth it. The place is lush, for lack of better word. It’s like stepping onto a different planet, one without pollution, one that’s sustainable, one where humans don’t rule.

Rather than harp on, as I don’t know a bloody thing about plants, have a nosey at all these photographs.

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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of chats and discussions with content creators! This week we’re joined by pink haired travel guru Milly of Mini Adventures!

D: What is it you do online?

M: I write a lot, basically! I’m a travel, food and lifestyle blogger, sharing my adventures exploring the world and my home city of London. I try to inspire people to have more fun through words and pictures, tell stories and give my unique spin on destinations, restaurants, festivals and fun things to do. I also engage in the important activity of using lots of gifs on Twitter.

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