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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of chats and discussions with creators all over the internet!

Today we’re joined by Manchester based fashionista and foodie Ste of StyleFade!

D: What is it you do as a creator?

S: I use my blog to talk about anything and everything, whether that’s what I wore today or where I had dinner yesterday. It’s a way for me to release some creativity.

D: What about the man behind the blog?

S: I’ll assume you mean me? Haha! I’m an easy going guy. My life is a bit of a mix between 18 and 80 year old. I love partying it up with a whisky and a tequila as much as I like listening to Radio 2 on a Sunday afternoon whilst driving in my Volvo!

D: Hahahaha that’s brilliant.

What was it that got you to start blogging?

S: Well, I work in digital marketing in the fashion industry… which is rife with the blogging community. However, I wanted to learn all about SEO so i though this would be the best way to learn. I also had a bet with one of the girls I work with that I could get my DA higher than hers; I’m such a competitive person

D: Best of luck! All those skills will come in handy though!

What is it you enjoy the most about blogging?

S: For me, there’s two sides to it. The actual blog, creating compelling content, capturing images and being proud of what I have created. The other side, is the blogging community; I’ve met and spoken to some amazing people who’s content I love. It’s weird to think that this time two years ago I had basically given up social media and now I can’t live without Twitter.

D: It’s great isn’t it?! So many people I would have never met otherwise!

S: The best! So many sound people

Especially considering there’s only a few male bloggers in comparison to female.

D: On the other hand, what do you dislike?

S: Wow, dislikes? Erm the main bugbear for me is the time it takes and ensuring you have enough content. Don’t get me wrong I could easily type out 500 words on what I did today, but if I’m not interested in writing it people most certainly would not be interested in reading it either. It can take such a long time to draft up a post, make sure it’s reads well, looks good on site and have your social support it too!

D: It’s a much longer process than much expect, isn’t just wacking together a couple of words!

S: Yeah definitely, I used to commute via train so I could get the bulk of it done then; but now I drive it’s much harder to find the time!

D: Are there any parts in your ‘blogging career’ that standout, any specific posts or anything at all really!

S: Blogging career? Wow, never thought of it like that. I really enjoy writing about food, so all my food posts are special to me; especially when they’re linked to an event/holiday/occasion. But in terms of stand out campaigns, I’m in the middle of working with McDonalds which is an amazing opportunity! I’m hoping to get better about the fashion side of things so hopefully I can be more proud of the photos I take off the back of it.

Especially when you see the other guys in the space (think Ryan Mules) absolutely smashing it with imagery.

D: Ryan’s photos are always next level!!

S: He’s just got it so right. Every time he posts a lookbook I just get style and photo envy!

D: We need to get him to give us all a masterclass!

You’ve mentioned Ryan already, but are there any other creators that continuously inspire you?

S: There are so many, all the guys are so great (Modish Male, Blokes Eye View, yourself, Halo of Thoughts). I mean some of the bigger guys are the kings of content though – Robin at Man for Himself is a comedy genius; Mat from Buckets and Spades and John from The Everyday Man who was the first blogger I knew about.

D: A solid group of gents if I do say so myself! John was one of the first I knew about also, I think a lot of us have him to owe for all this!

S: Yeah definitely him and The Middle Aged Man are so great at what they do!

Plus they’re not London based so their locations for shoots are always refreshingly different to the white house with a black gate.

D: Always nice to see something refreshing.

S: I just need to find me somewhere nice to shoot.

D: That’s the hard part!

Do you have any future plans for Stylefade?

S: Wow, I struggle planning my dinner in advance. For me, it’s not about fame or popularity or a full time gig, I just enjoy being a part of something and having somewhere to express my creativity so I guess the future is just trying to make my content stronger and expand my blogging network/meet new people etc.

D:That’s a really healthy outlook to have.


What’s your Hogwarts house?

S: RAVENCLAW according to Pottermore! But I’m definitely a hybrid of Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff.

With a bit a Slytherin on the side.

D: A healthy mix.

Do you have a favourite film of all time?

S: Oh wow, I have a few… I mean I can watch Harry Potter on repeat but my favourite film is probably Lucky Number Slevin! What a hard question!

D: A favourite band/musician/artist of all time?

S: That’s a bit easier for me, however I’m gonna have to pick three; I love Fleetwood Mac, Maroon 5, Dizzee and gonna have to put Whitney up there too. Well that was 4, but ones no longer with us so doesn’t count!

D: May she rest in peace.

Big thank you to Ste for joining us! Make sure you check out his blog, Twitter and Instagram for many great food shots! Show him some blogger love.

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