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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions with bloggers, YouTubers, musicians, artists and creators of all kinds.

Today we’re joined by self-proclaimed bonkers YouTuber Kelsey ‘who’s got the budget?’ Ellison

D: What do you do online as a creator?

K: I create a variety of videos from original music, covers, vlogs, lifestyle, cosplay and fashion videos! I’m a big fan of J-pop and K-pop music, so you see a lot of that influence in my videos. My channel is kind of like my creative diary, there’s never really one thing I do, I like to experiment and try new things out all the time! But you can guarantee that it will most likely be colourful and cute!

D: What’s your offline life like?

K: I’m from a Yorkshire town called Barnsley (which you can tell by my accent in my videos!). But I moved to London last year to try and further my career in creative things such as music and creative content! One of my biggest passions is writing songs and making music, and London’s the best place to be to do that kind of stuff! I’m from a very creative family, my Dad’s in bands and write songs and my Mum is very good at making costumes and also arranging flowers and venues! I studied in musical theatre/dance and I think you can tell in my videos by how extra I am and how much I like glitter!

D: How did you get into creating videos and online content?

K: I’ve been on YouTube since I was around 14 creating silly miming videos and vlogs, which I believe I copied from Smosh and Meekakitty (Tessa Violet) and I’ve had multiple channels in the past! But I guess from the channel I use now, I was actually inspired by my friend, and now housemate Beckii. We both used to upload dance covers to Japanese pop songs!

D: If you can choose a favourite moment in your online career, what would it be? I saw that you’re performing on the main stage at SITC this year, that’s amazing!

K: Honestly, it’s every time I perform and I see people singing along to my silly little songs and meeting them afterwards! It’s so nice to see that my work actually exists in the real world! And I am so excited/nervous about SITC! It’s going to be a very different audience than what I’m used to as I’ve only really performed at comic conventions! It’s also with a new music project of mine, with my band K.OH!

D: What do you think viewers don’t understand about online content creation? They only see the final product and nothing else!

K: I think almost every YouTuber says this. but honestly how much time and work actually goes into maybe even a simple looking video. Most of the time you’re working alone, so you have to do every role in an almost TV like production! Such as planning, filming, editing, graphic design, uploading, promoting, being your own general management and up keeping social media. And you have to do that, all while sticking to a schedule and sometimes having other jobs on the side too! It’s a lot of work.

Also, I don’t think people understand how hermit like I can be when I’m editing and promoting!

D: Like me, you moved from the North to live in London! How are you finding it here?

K: Obviously there are some home comforts I miss, such as the accent, proper tea, having money, my family/dog and generally nice chatty people! But I really am enjoying living in London. There’s always something happening, people are so creative here and there’s a lot more for me to do here with things such as music and dance! Plus a lot of my friends also live here too!

D: Do you have any future plans for your online life? 

K: I really do want to concentrate on music a lot more now and take it more seriously! I’m really enjoying writing music at the moment, and I would love to write more for myself, K.OH! and other people!

For my YouTube, I want to carry on sticking to a schedule and creating uplifting and positive content! I also want to include more Harry Potter videos, as I feel like that is actually one of my biggest passions in life (I’m a ridiculous fan girl!) but I’ve never expressed that on my channel very much! I have so much HP knowledge that needs to go to some use!

D: If you can choose, who have been the biggest influences on you and your content, or which creators do you look up to?

K: This a very hard one to answer as I love a lot of YouTubers and look up to loads of them! However, I would say Tessa Violet, as I said I have been watching her since I was very young. She creates beautiful videos, she also does her own music and still uploads! She’s always stuck by what she wants to do creatively!

D: What’s your Hogwarts House? (From following you on Twitter, I know the answer already! Gryffindor is the best house)

Weirdly, barely any of the creators I’ve interviewed are Gryffindors! I can’t work out why!

K: GRYFFINDOR! And proud!

You’re right, I’m friends with a lot of Slytherins!? It’s almost like it’s uncool to be Gryffindor these days!

D: If you can choose, what’s your favourite film of all time?

K: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. So much memories and magic!

D: What music are you loving at the minute?

K: After watching Eurovision, I’ve been obsessed with ONUKA’s music! They’re a Ukranian electro-folk band. I actually really love both of these genres and they’ve put it together so well!! I really recommend the songs Vidlik and Other. They’re actually really cool songs to vogue to too!

Also, anything 80’s, synth pop style or future funk! I’m that obsessed with the 80’s I think I may have gone back in time, and my videos may only be available on VHS in the future (I’m joking!).


A HUGE thank you to Kelsey for joining us today! You can find her Twitter, Instagram and YouTube all by clicking those links! Make sure you watch vogueing with fidget spinners, it’s incredible.

If you’re in Sweden, you can catch her and the rest of the G4LAXY girls at Narcon this weekend, and Brits you can find her at SITC next month!

Catch up on all interviews here.

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