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Welcome to #INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions with creators of all kinds!

Today we’re joined by singer/songwriter, Josh Savage! Josh is not only super talented, I got to see him in action at a To Kill a King gig recently, but he’s also at the forefront of the fight to bring music back to living rooms! What a guy.

D: When did you begin creating your own music?

J: At 15 after hearing Coldplay’s first album.

D: What do you find the most challenging part of being a singer/songwriter?

J: Balancing time between writing, performing and making money.

D: On the other hand, what’s your favourite part?

J: Meeting the people who support me and hearing their stories how my music has changed their lives. Recently, a girl came up to me after a show to say my song ‘Mountains In Hurricanes‘ stopped her from self-harm. Pursuing music is tough but it’s things like his that keep me going.

D: Your sister often performs with you, are the Savages known for their musical prowess?

J: Nope. My parents don’t play a thing.

D: You’re leading a bit of a revolution bringing music back to living rooms, why is this so important to you?

J: I don’t care about playing to huge crowds of people. Playing to an attentive audience is what matters to me. It’s more meaningful in an intimate setting and my audiences are less likely to be on their phones, drunk and talking over the music.

D: Do you have any standout memories of living room gigs?

J: I think the first one at Sofar Oxford is the most special because I did not know what to expect and it blew me away. However, every living room show has been special and I’m always humbled by the hospitality of my hosts.

D: What artists/albums/songs have had the most profound influence on you?

J: Spanish Sahara by Foals is a big favourite. I’m also into Bear’s Den, Daughter and Matt Corby. Although I’m not into his music, I’m inspired by Ed Sheeran’s work ethic after reading his autobiography.

D: If you could collaborate with anyone on a track, who would it be?

J: I’d love to sing for Bonobo and Olafur Arnalds on a track.

D: What’s the future looking like for Josh Savage?

J: My new single ‘Ghosts‘ has just come out on Spotify and there will be new music in the new year. Meanwhile, I’m doing a living room tour across Central America in September/October followed by a Germany/Austria tour with Tom James.

D: What’s your Hogwarts house?

J: Gryffindor.

D: What’s your favourite film of all time?

J: Into The Wild.

D: Who’s your favourite artist currently?

J: I’m really into the band Joseph at the moment. I discovered them at Barn On The Farm Festival.

Big thank you to Josh for joining us today. Check out his website, Twitter and Instagram and of course his latest tracks on Spotify and YouTube.

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