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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of chats and discussions with creators of all kinds.

Today we’re joined by the stylish, Scottish legend, Robbie of The Middle Aged Man!

D: What do you do online as a creator?

R: I run an online lifestyle blog called The Middle Aged Man (I’m not Middle Aged, honest) covering everything from grooming, fashion, entertainment and much more!

D: What about the (not middle aged) man behind the blog?

R: Well I’m Robbie, 31 (yup only young) from Glasgow. That sounds like I’m giving my a/s/l from MySpace days haha! I full time job day job and blogging is a hobby/creative passion I began in June 2016.

D: Brilliant, love the MySpace reference.

R: Gotta love a bit of MySpace.

D: What was it that got you to start?

R: I started mainly out of needing a new hobby, as I used to play football quite a lot but with old age means I’m falling apart! I’m good friends with John from The Everyday Man and saw and knew the good work he was doing so thought why not release my creative side by starting a blog.

D: Very cool! What do you enjoy about it the most?

R: The freedom is probably the most fun part, with having so much policy at work etc., blogging is an escape where I can release and say what I wish to say about certain topics in my own little crazy corner of the Internet. Also the opportunity for mass networking both in person and via social media is great fun.

D: The freedom is brilliant, it’s great to have your own little place on the internet to talk about what you want.

Conversely is there anything you dislike?

R: Eh, mainly the fact that individuals still cheat in order to make themselves seem popular by buying followers/using bots! If your content is good then you will be recognised so there’s no need to cheat and blogging isn’t a popularity contest! The word influencer is also too easily thrown around for my liking! I wouldn’t class myself as an influencer, only people with a mass following over various platforms can say that they are influencing people. “Rant Over”

D: Bots definitely have been making things difficult for everyone lately

Are there any posts of your’s, or any moments in your blogging ‘career’ that stand out particularly for you?

R: Not particularly done any posts that I would say I prefer over others but due to becoming more confident etc. has meant I’ve done some more outfit based posts whereas when I started I don’t think anyone knew what I looked like until about November 2016. I can be shy!

D: That’s sick progress! You’re always rocking those outfits too.

R: I don’t mind doing them now, starting to run outta clothes though!

D: I can totally relate to that, you feel some sort of pressure to go clothes shopping.

Any future plans for the middle aged man?

R: Just keep on working on good content and improving my photography as I’m pretty clueless on that front, as well as having some fun and meeting up with some more of you guys.

D: Who or what are the main influences on your and your content?

R: I would have to say that David Beckham, as well as being my man crush, is also a style icon. I wouldn’t really say apart from that I have particular influences i just like to browse GQ and Instagram and if I like something I’ll try it!

From a writing point of view again I wouldn’t say I’m influenced by any but I like to keep up to date with The Everyday Man, ImSamSquire and a few other strong male bloggers. I would be lying if I said I was a huge blog reader but if it’s a topic I like I’ll have a good look.

D: Some great bloggers there!

If you’re into Harry Potter, what’s your Hogwarts house?

R: I’ve never seen Harry Potter in my life an I’m not ashamed to say it, it’s just not for me so I have no idea of the house names.

D: Fair play!

Do you have a favourite movie of all time?

R: It’s got to be Pulp Fiction for me, Tarantino is a true genius the way he links the scenes and story lines and some of the one liners are sensational! Also who doesn’t love a bit of 80’s dance moves!?

D: Very cool (though I’ve never seen it, shame on me)

R: I concur, shame on you, although you probably feel the same about me and Harry P.

D: Finally, do you have any favourite musicians/artists/bands?

R: Oooh not that’s a question that could have me going on forever, I love music but picking a fave is a tough choice. Older school love The Rolling Stones then from the 90’s love a bit of Oasis (wish Noel would stop crying) and from Scotland it’s all about Chvrches – good old Glaswegian band!

A big thank you to the big man Robbie for joining us today! Make sure to follow him for some cracking tweets, well shot instas and check his blog out for many a good read!

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