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Welcome to INTERVIEWED, a series of interviews with amazing creators of all kinds.

Today we’re joined men’s fashion, grooming and lifestyle blogger: Joshwa St.James. I genuinely lol’d at some of the answers, I’m sure you will too.

D: What is you do online as a creator?

J: Most people who follow me will already know that I blog – I like to share my favourite fashion looks and grooming products, I’m a big fan of natural, cruelty free beauty, so I’ll continue to push that agenda. But I think less people will be aware that blogging was actually the bi-product of creating digital content for various magazines and online platforms. I enjoyed creating content for others so much that I decided to do it for myself.

D: A very interesting beginning!

How about the person behind the blog?

J: The common misconception is that bloggers share every moment of their lives online. That simply isn’t true with me. My blog and the majority of my online self is job-related. And like everyone else, I enjoy time off work too. When I’m not working, I’m mother to three tiny dogs who’re all fully trained in posing for photographs. I grew up with so many different animals as I child, (dogs, birds, chickens, ducks, geese, rabbits, frogs, to name a few) so it’s pretty important for me to still have pets as an adult. I’m not afraid for getting messy as some people would probably presume, so I also love gardening and at the moment I’m tending to some pretty weird crops – black strawberries, purple carrots, and brown tomatoes. I’m pretty sure there’re more ornamental than edible, but I still enjoy growing them from seeds.

D: You briefly mentioned this already, but what’s the origin story of this blog?

J: I originally started blogging back on MySpace when I was around 16-17. Yes, MySpace had a little-known blogging function! I would talk about gigs I’d been to, and bands I’d seen live. It would be very image heavy, (before the days of easily uploading videos to YouTube) and people reacted well to it. It’s the first time I realised that people other than my immediate circle of friends were also interested in what I had to share with them. As Facebook came about, MySpace subsequently died and so did my blogging for a while. After graduating university I worked as junior fashion editor at Beige Magazine, and again people took interest in what I had to say, so I returned to blogging where I’d mainly talk about catwalk collections and luxury fashion brands. At this point I hadn’t really considered talking about grooming and skincare, it’s just something that happened over time. Now I use my blog as a platform to talk about the things I genuinely love which can be anything from fashion, skincare, and even lifestyle that I feel like-minded people will appreciate.

D: That’s very cool, I love that!
Have you had any moments in your online career that stand out to you the most?

J: I think the online heavily influences the off line, and thanks to a job I got through my online work, I got to meet Kelly Osbourne. I’m not usually one to get excited by celebrity culture. Though years of celebrity shoots, you realise that they’re just people too. But I’ve loved Kelly ever since “The Osbourne’s” blew up on TV over 15 years ago. I even bough both her albums (yes there really were TWO!). I’ve had more disappointing celebrity encounters than I have positive experiences (if i wasn’t so professional I’d have sold my stories to TMZ by now!), so meeting someone who I not only love and admire so much, and finding them to be exactly how imagined was really refreshing. I don’t have many regrets in life, but I do wish I’d of asked for a picture with her.

D: Oh man that’s so interesting, I bet you have tons of stories piled up!
Are there any particular posts of your’s that you’re most proud of?

J: I’m particularly proud that I continue to push natural, vegan, and cruelty free grooming brands, and sustainable, friendly fashion. I don’t want to force my beliefs on people, but I’ll certainly try my best to bring these sorts of brands and companies into my readers conscious. There’s no need for the environment or animals to continually suffer at the hands of our vanity. And yes, I do sometimes wear leather, and I do sometimes use brands who’s ethics aren’t perfect (just before anyone comes for me!), but I’m not leading by example, I’m not saying one is right and one is wrong? I’m just laying out the options and letting everyone to come their own opinion and make their own choices.

D: Do you have any favourite things about blogging?

J: I love getting my hands on anything new, one of the big perks of blogging and working in press is getting a heads-up with new brands, or the latest developments. Getting to attend fashion week is a great way to see trends a year before they’re available too, but also very expensive as I end up putting in pre orders months in advance, and I like to buy full looks, not just individual pieces.

D: Anything you’re looking forward to the most at this fashion week?

J: There’s a few new designers to this years LFWM schedule which I’m looking forward to seeing. Some designers who previously presented catwalk shows are changing the way they present this season which is another way to keep things fresh. The one show I always get the most excited about is KTZ. The atmosphere in the KTZ show space is unlike any other. It’s always a highlight of mine!

D: I hope you have an incredible time, it all sounds amazing.
So we’ve mentioned your favourite things about blogging but are there any things you dislike?

J: There’s actually nothing I dislike. I enjoy all elements of blogging, I suppose the technical side of it can be hard work, like changing a plugin and the whole site crashes, but even that can be seen as a learning experience!

D: Always another skill to add to the set!
Any future plans for your blog?

J: I’d love to find the time to make video content. There are some things that would work so much better in video than in stills, but making time to shoot and edit would be hard! Right now I’m just going to continue what I’m doing.

D: That would be awesome!
Do you have a few people or sources that have influenced or inspired your content?

J: While I love reading other blogs, I try to read them as a fan, and not as a blogger. I don’t want to compare myself the others. Generally I find creative spaces some of the most stimulating places to hang out. I love museums and art galleries. While I don’t try to psychoanalyse art, I still appreciate it for what it is. While in New York, I’ve really enjoyed attending performance art events too. Americans aren’t as bashful as Brits and have no issues with getting up on stage and pouring their hearts out through art, there’s a plethora of these types of events every night of the week in NY! I’m now trying to find more of the same in the UK. I think all these types of things keep your mind active.

D: That’s an awesome source of creativity
Now for the smaller questions, what’s your Hogwarts house?

J: I’ve never watched a Harry Potter movie all the way through or read the books. But whatever house the bad bitches belong to, that’s the one I’ll go to. People who don’t smile look 100% more stylish that those who do. It’s practically a scientific fact proven by Victoria Beckham. All I know is the house-of-evil have good hair and resting bitch face, and that’s pretty much my goals in life.

D: Brilliant!
Do you have a favourite film of all time?

J: Mean Girls! Just the original. Mean Girls 2 should have never happened. But I’m totally here for Mean Girls The Reunion which Lindsay Logan wants to happen. So do I Lindsay, so do I!

D: Incredible film
Finally, favourite music artist/band/whatever?

J: I’m obsessed with a band called Do Me Bad Things. I spent my late teenage years stalking them around the UK in order to meet all 9 band members. This involved hiding in a club toilet for over 3 hours as I was underage. I managed to get into the sound check, then patiently waited it out in a toilet cubicle until the club opened a few hours later. Totally worth it! They sadly split up a few years ago, but since then they’ve reformed to pay a few special gigs together and even released a few more tracks, usually in aid of charity products and another worth causes.

D: That story was wild from start to finish!!
A HUGE thank you to Joshwa for joining us today.

Make sure to check our his blog and make sure to check out his Twitter + Instagram also.

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