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Located within the grounds of the Fondazione Prada is a small cafe designed by the one and only Wes Anderson!

Bar Luce might be a little out of the way compared to how close everything else feels in Milan, but it’s definitely worth a visit.

As you can see from the menu, it’s extremely affordable for a Wes Anderson designed Prada cafe. Which is why I had a coffee and a soft drink, I splashed the hell out.

The menu comes in English, and staff are more than helpful!

I’m so here for these 60’s vibes, I love Mad Men and it seriously feels like you’ve just walked onto the set.

It was all as good as it looks. Italy just gets hot chocolates and coffee. Our hot chocolate is powder with water, their’s is melted chocolate with real whipped cream.

The veggie flatbread was AMAZING. Roasted veg is such a standard option, but they nailed it here. If I recall correctly, it was only about 6 Euros.

They specialise in breakfast and lunchtime snacks, with a fully stocked bar for the evening. There’s pastries for days, I don’t know why I didn’t buy one, that’s completely unlike me.

Just look at that bar. It’s what dreams are made of!

The (working) jukebox is full of vintage Italian names, it’s a beaut.

And as someone who pees about once an hour, beautifully decorated toilets mean the world to me. So beautifully extra, I love it.

Can you believe from the outside this one tiny ‘BAR’ sign is the only distinguishing feature? I love how desolate the outer decor is, it’s such a contrast to step in full 60’s.

After you’ve visited Bar Luce, you can head straight into the Fondazione Prada, however we had a flight to catch so food and drink alone it was. A word of warning, it can get pretty busy whenever something is going on with Prada, it seemed we chose lunch at the same time as a press conference.

If I were to go back to Milan, I’d head straight back to Bar Luce, this time for cocktails as they all sounded out of this world, but with a flight to catch I made a (rare) move and abstained.

This may be the last post on my trip to Italy earlier this year, depending on how I feel with the last few photos. It was an amazing, impulsive trip. I love Italy and may be heading back early next year for my third trip, there’s just so much to see and experience.

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Ps. Thank you for reading my travel posts, they’re probably the most difficult posts for me to create, however I love having my trips immortalised in someway! My next large trip (4 countries in Eastern Europe) isn’t for a good while, although I do have another small trip to book soon. I think some London content will replace these adventures for just a little bit, however I’m planning to be overwhelmed with travel content between the last few months of this year and 2018.

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