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It’s a mighty big planet, even when you visit a country you don’t end up seeing more than a small percentage. Every country on the planet is incredibly diverse, filled with amazing towns and cities and crowded with brilliant people.

Just seeing the capital can never be enough! I’ve thrown together a list of a couple of countries I’ve already been to, but haven’t seen enough of.

This is the revisit list!


I haven’t visited since I was a child and now have approximately…0 memory of it. Now I live down south, I have a dreamy idea of getting a sleeper train all the way up to Scotland through all the countryside.

Plus my friend worked at a macaron shop in Edinburgh, I sampled them once and they were mindblowingly good.


I’ve been to Spain a few times and yet I’ve never been to Madrid, the capital city! However next year my sister is getting married in Spain and so maybe this is my chance, even though she is getting married nowhere near the city.

A city of culture and gardens looking straight out of Dorne, I could do with a visit.


I’ve visited Paris twice and stopped in Calais, but that’s all north! The south of France looks beautiful and nothing like I would associate with France in my mind. On day Cannes, one day.

So if anybody wants to take me along to the Film Festival for a few nights of luxury, pampering and a couple of films after lazing on a white sand beach, I’m more than down.


I’ve explored  a lot of Honshu, Japan’s largest and most populous island, but I haven’t seen any of the cold and often snowy mountains located far in the north in Hokkaido. Plus Sapporo hosts the amazing annual snow festival, I’d love to attend that one day.


Now from the far north, to the far south. The tropical kyushu is a little bit of a paradise with sunny beaches and palm trees galore. Kyushu is a reminder that Hawaii is only a stone’s throw away from Japan.

almost anywhere, U.S.A

I’ve only visited two States, and for a good while I never had much of a desire to see more, however I’m craving the States currently! L.A, New Orleans, Boston, Washington D.C, come to me!

Plus Hawaii looks like a dream, as does Anchorage. Just two very different dreams.

Pictured above is Bourbon Street, New Orleans. It’s like looking into a 1940’s show set in New York City, I gots to go.


I don’t have too much to say here apart from that I’ve visited Amsterdam and have had Rotterdam recommended a million times due to the beautiful architecture and the general modern feel of the city.


Dude, Sootopolis City in Pokemon is based on Santorini! I wanna go!

Plus it’s just incredibly beautiful, scenic, all of the above. My parents visited a few years back and asked if I’d like to join, however with it being a rather romantic place I didn’t want to cramp their style.

I’ll stop here because I could go on forever, I wish I could see every single inch of this planet! I’m doing my best to visit as much as I can with the short time I have on this astral plane.

Where would you re-visit if you had the chance?

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