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May has been my least favourite month of music in 2017 thus far. It’s not been a bad month by any stretch of the imagination, but the first 4 really delivered. However, I’ve still listed my favourite fire tracks of the month here, and there have been some GREAT ones.

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 Told You So – Paramore

I’ve been following Paramore for a long time, the first concert I ever went to without my parents was Paramore at Manchester Arena. That was such an important gig for me, and still is to this day.

Paramore’s new album isn’t my favourite, I like it, but I much prefered the Self-Titled last album, however Told You So is my favourite Paramore track of them all. This song is light, bouncy, has a bit more playfulness and a happy beat than most Paramore tracks, but has the distinctive Paramore feel that only they can create. It’s a perfectly crafted song mixing pop, indie and a bangin’ summer feel.

Want You Back – HAIM

Whilst I prefer Right Now, Want You Back is a HAIM track for me that feels along the lines of My Song 5, and some of the slower tracks from Days Are Gone. It’s a winning formula, however I’m excited to see HAIM break the mould a bit on LP2.

Coachella – Woodstock In My Mind – Lana Del Rey

Lana wrote this song when leaving Coachella a few weeks back, managed to get into the studio and get it released this month, how incredible. This doesn’t feel like a rushed track one bit, it’s classic Lana and feels intensely replayable. Whether this will be on the upcoming Lust for Life is yet to be seen.

I truly love when artists are so passionate about making music. Lana made this track because she so clearly wanted to and felt like this art needed to be in the world, so she did it. Incredible.

Dig Down – Muse


I forgot how much I loved Muse, this song is classically Muse. Just. so. good. Dig Down is supes chill, despite the booming vocals and sick synth, I don’t know how they do it.

I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s so reminiscent of another song, that’s going to annoy me for weeks.

Right Now – HAIM

My favourite of the two HAIM tracks we’ve been blessed with lately, Right Now is a great return to Days Are Gone era HAIM, reminding us why we all fell in love with them to begin with. The heavy drums are my favourite about this track, after a long, long wait for HAIM to come back, this is definitely welcome.

 Rose-Coloured Boy – Paramore

To me, After Laughter is not Paramore’s best. However, the refreshing tropical house tracks, the pinnacle of which are Hard Times, Told You So and Rose-Coloured Boy are definitely up my street. This cheerful bop is nice to hear after the whole trouble Paramore have had with their line up, and it’s a great track to follow Hard Times on the album, it’s just a shame that’s kinda where the album begins to peak.

Crying in the Club – Camilla Cabello

I’ve never really listened to Fifth Harmony, apart from those few tracks that were topping the charts for weeks. They aren’t my type of thing, however this track from Fifth Harmony alum Camilla Cabello is an absolute pop banger, even if Crying in the Club is quite possibly the most generic pop song title ever.

Hook, Line & Sinker – Royal Blood

I’m new to Royal Blood, it feels like I’ve been wasting my time without these wildly talented guys.

I’ll probably be hated by someone out there for saying this, but the opening of this track reminds me of some You Me At Six tracks.

The guitar on this tune is massive, the riffs are mega, the vocals are something else. I totally get why Royal Blood are something special now.

There For You – Martin Garrix + Troye Sivan

A collab for the ages, their combined age is only early 40’s. These two guys are young and brilliant, their coming together is amazing. Sivan’s silky voice is really complimented by Garrix’s melody and beats, and it’s something we would never have seen from Sivan on his own. That’s what you really look for in a collab with someone like Garrix.

Adeline – alt-J


Every track alt-J have released lately has been bloody brilliant. They’re really hitting it out of the park. It can be hard to make a lengthy track work, there’s so many opportunities to get bored, to throw in a beat, a lyric that doesn’t quite work, alt-J seem to never have this issue. Good going team, keep the tunes coming.

Strangers – Halsey + Lauren Jauregui

Another Fifth Harmony member being featured, who have I become?

This track is so much stronger than Halsey’s last, lyrically it’s very Halsey, and well, it’s just an all round good Halsey track to put it in few words. If you’re a fan of any previous Halsey music (take a shot everytime I say Halsey), then you’re in for a treat. If not, it probably won’t convert you, unless you a mega 5H fan.

Though I gotta say, off the top of my head I can’t even remember any of Jauregui’s parts, so it’s not the most memorable of features.

Love In Bad Company – Radio Edit – Gotts Street Park, Dielle


I’d never heard of these guys before, thanks to Spotify dropping amazing New Music Friday playlists every week, now I have!

If you know anything about my music taste, you know I love women with incredibly ethereal voices (Lorde, Lana, Sia, Florence and Banks are some of my faves) and this track DELIVERS.

The focus is on the vocals, with a subtle drum beat and killer piano creating a beautiful harmony. These aren’t in bad company.

You’re gonna have to get this song in the playlist below, it’s not on YouTube.

Thanks for reading, and as always, you catch all of my favourite tracks from 2017 in this one handy playlist.

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