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Star Wars Fragrances

It’s no secret I’m a huge Star Wars fan, I cosplayed Obi-Wan Kenobi at Star Wars Celebration Europe, I’m in for the long haul. I bloody love it.

The kind folks at KeepMe Fragrance were kind enough to send me some samples of their Star Wars Fragrance line! This line is all purposely androgynous, quite a bold move as there aren’t a lot of brands working on non-gendered fragrances. I love this concept and I’m welcoming this shift to androgyny many companies are beginning to make!


The limited edition boxes are super cool, I’ve lost a fair bit of time sat playing with them.

I love the rainbow holofoil on the logo, what a beaut.

Like many of the fragrances, this is a subtle scent with hints of citrus, sandalwood and some other herby essences.


This has become my ‘go to’ work fragrance. It’s a refreshing blend of citrus and woody scents, with a hint of dark chocolate. If this is what the sith smell like sign me up- it’s really great.


These gift boxes are something else. It’s an interesting choice to go for an almost book like look, but it’s worked out really well. The holofoil is spectacular, especially when it catches the light! Rey looks amazing on the front, it’s clear this artwork has been created specifically for this product and hasn’t just been a copy and paste job like so many tie in products are.

The bottle’s more square than the limited edition ones, and the copper colour is reminiscent of Rey’s homeworld* of Jakku, but also her token desert scavanger look.

The box explains the fragrance much more succintly than I could. It’s a nice representation of Rey. It must be hard to fit a character’s personality into a bottle, but sophistication and strength are all that Rey is! This scent does smell more like a traditionally female targeted fragrance, I probably wouldn’t wear it myself, however that’s not to say it isn’t a compelling scent!

*I’m sure The Last Jedi will give us more Rey backstory as Jakku clearly isn’t her true home.


This scent is subtle and a little spicier than the rest! They all work on a base of citrus, and I think this is one of the more notable scents, if that makes any sense? It’s memorable!

The bottle is pretty gorge too, very reminiscent of the First Order troopers. ¬†Honestly, these bottles could be completely empty and I’d still be overjoyed for them. They’re so nice.


I normally wouldn’t want to smell like Kylo Ren, he’s one of my most hated Star Wars characters. Not for watching though, I think he’s pretty fascinating and a refreshing Star Wars villian, I just dislike him for a reason you will probably understand.

To me this kinda smelled like a fizzy drink in the sweetest, nicest possible way.  I think the citrus and the orange remind me of Fanta or something. Or I just have a huge sweet tooth.


This bottle was so hard to photograph because it’s chrome AF. Very appropriate for the Droid related scent.

I ended up gifting this to a friend with a huge soft spot for BB-8! The smell is quite subtle, and refreshing, just like BB-8 was for the droid world. This is a terrible segue I’m making but I really love BB-8 and droids don’t tend to be my favourite characters. I’m a Han, Obi-Wan and Ahsoka man all the way.

Thank you to Keep Me Fragrance for these samples! I’d like to stress that this post was not paid for, nor as part of any deal. I chose to make this post of my own accord and so all opinions are mine and are 100% true!

You can see the whole range in more depth (and make a purchase or two!) here.

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