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Welcome to #INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions with creators of all kinds. Today we’re joined by my talented friend, with a fashion sense I can only be jealous of, Daniel of vibetwentyfive!

DG: What exactly is it you create and do online?

DV25: I’m very new to this, but I run a men’s fashion and lifestyle blog online. After many discussions with friends trying to decide if it was a good idea, Vibetwentyfive was eventually born.

However I put a lot of time and focus on my Instagram, I love to get the feel of which location/building etc. that I am in to translate in the photo, so it’s not always about the clothes that I’m wearing.

I work with a really great photographer (Calum) to try and capture this, you should check out his stuff!

DG: What about your offline life?

DV25: I’m 25, originally from a little village in Northumberland but moved to Edinburgh about 2 years ago for work. I work in Operations… that’s probably all I can say about that! I’m obsessed with this city, it’s my favourite to explore. If you haven’t been during August for the festival, then you definitely should check it out.

DG: I’ve never visited- one day!

How long have you been blogging, and what was it that got you to start?

DV25: I’m fairly new, I started in November last year and have tried to be as prominent as I can online like Twitter, Instagram etc. I’ve already spoken to and met some incredible people, the support is amazing!

I love the internet! I joined Twitter not long after it launched, I prefer YouTube over TV shows, Instagram is an amazing platform (although a little troublesome at the minute). I’ve watched other people’s lives for so long and have always wanted a chunk of that, I think moving to a new city with a new social group definitely spurred me on to get started.

DG: You’re about to make that move again! Very brave!

DV25: Yes! Off to London for a few months, I’ve visited often but this will be the longest I’ve spent down there. It’ll be good from the blog as well, get a fresh new perspective. Also looks forward to finding a new local.

DG: You will find many new locals I’m sure.

What is that keeps you blogging? Like all hobbies, it can be tough to keep up with at times.

DV25: Yeah I do find it tough, I also get slightly anxious when I feel like I’m not putting content out but I’m still getting to grips with the process. When I do a post or anything to do with the blog, I tend to go find a coffee shop I haven’t been to and sit and have a bit of time to myself, so I kind of see it as a way to relax… if that’s even possible.

DG: It’s both relaxing and stressful!

DV25: It can definitely be testing at times, I’ve definitely learnt some new things about myself along the way.

DG: It’s a real journey!

How has blogging effected your life?

DV25: In numerous different ways I think. It’s definitely got me thinking a little more creatively. So many amazing bloggers have really engaging content, and they do it in such a creative way I’m constantly thinking of unique ways to deliver my point. It’s also given me a little more confidence, I think we’ve all had that little moment of self doubt, whether it be personally or professionally, but it’s given me the opportunity to meet people that will always support what I do.

DG: With a project that is entirely your own comes a lot of doubtful feelings.

So far in your blogging career, is there anything that stands out to you?

DV25: I’ve said it previously but have to say it again, it’s how welcoming everyone is – from people with a huge social reach to smaller bloggers. I’ve asked for honest feedback on my photos, posts etc. and I’ve always been given something constructive to work with. It’s also an amazing feeling, even if it’s only one person but when they recognise what you have put in to what you’re doing.

DG: So eloquently put!

How do you manage to balance your career and social life alongside your blogging?

DV25: I’m very career orientated to so I make sure that it never gets in the way of that, I’m passionate about both but I really want to progress within my career. Should one day Vibetwentyfive start doing well for itself then I would definitely consider putting more time in to it. Socially I try get friends involved, some people don’t understand it all and others completely love helping me get photos and scoping out good spots, it makes for a nice afternoon out if we have no other plans.

DG: Do you any major influences on your content?

DV25: I’ve always read articles on GQ, Mr Porter, esquire etc so I’d say a lot of my influence comes from those. It’s also nice to see such a different type of style of writing, photography within the blogging community so I read quite a few which I say would also influence my style as well

DG: I love GQ, great content, both print and digital!

What’s your Hogwarts house?

DV25: I love this question! Definitely Gryffindor, I even took a BuzzFeed quiz and got that so it must be true right?!

DG: I believe so! Not many creators seem to be Gryffindors!

DV25: Haha, which is bizarre as the traits of a Gryffindor are everything you’d expect in an influencer.

DG: You would think!

What’s your favourite film?

DV25: I’m in no way a horror fan, I try to avoid it mostly as it’s a genre I just don’t connect with. However, The Orphanage (or El Orfanato) is a Spanish horror and it’s absolutely brilliant. Dialogue is minimal but it definitely keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

DG: I’ve never even heard of it! Sounds great.

And finally, favourite band/musician/artist/whatever?

DV25: Ahh this is a tough one. I’m gonna be that person and give you two. Jamie XX! Loud Places is on of my all time favourite tracks. Also M83, their Hurry Up We’re Dreaming album is so good!

A huge thank you to Daniel for joining us today. You definitely need to check out his blog, vibetwentyfive, his Twitter and his Instagram!

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