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Welcome to #INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions with creators of all kinds. Today we’re joined by the sporty, the fashionable, Glasgow’s finest: John of The Everyday Man, one of the biggest male lifestyle blogs out there!

D: What is it you do online?

J :I run a lifestyle site called ‘The Everyday Man’.  It’s a blog come online magazine covering a whole range of men’s interest topics like fashion, fitness and lifestyle.

D: What about the man behind the blog?

J: I’m just into my 30’s now (still hard to believe) and I come from Glasgow although my work takes me all over the place so I’ve never in the same place or at home for too long.  I love Glasgow though so have never been tempted to move away.

D: What inspired you to start creating content? And what has kept you going for this long?

J: I started my blog albeit in a slightly different form about 5 years ago just as a destination where I could
store my ramblings.  It was a bit like an online diary to begin with and has organically evolved over time to become a bit more structured and professional (I hope anyway).

There is so much out there to talk about and to experience so I find it easy to stay motivated

D: Do you have a set creative process?

J: No not really.  Maybe I should but I like to keep it quite loose and let things come naturally.

D: What for you is the hardest part of being a blogger for you?

J: Managing my time.  It can be hard to get everything done from day to day.  I don’t like to stick too rigidly to a routine but realise that I do have to sometimes.

D: You’ve had a lot of cool opportunities; do any of these stand out?

J: My first every ‘proper’ trip was to the New York with a tech brand a few years back.  I remember as part
of that trip we took a 3KM run along the beach in The Hamptons.  I still remember running along that beach that morning looking out to the sea and just thinking ‘wow’ and how cool it was and how lucky I was to be experiencing it.

D: Is there one post or one moment in your blogging career that stands out to you?

J: I got to go to the Olympics last year in Rio to which had been a lifelong dream.  It was everything I
imagined!  It will always stand out as a highlight to me and was a once in a lifetime opportunity.

D: How have you found balance in your blog and your day-to-day life? Were there any times where it was a struggle?

J: It is still a struggle.  I find it hard to switch off and keep work out of my private life.  Sometimes you just need a holiday or some timeout but I really struggle with that as I hate missing opportunities.

D: Which people that have had the biggest influence upon you and what you do?

J: That is a hard one.  I guess I’m just influenced a lot by what I see online but I don’t think I can pick out an individual.

D: What Hogwarts house are you?

J: I went to the Warner Bros Studio Tour and got ‘sorted’ into the boring one. I forgot what it is called. I reckon I am more Gryffindor though.

D: What’s your favourite movie?

J: Home Alone hands down!

D: Do you have some favourite bands/artists/musicians?

J: Too many.  My taste in music is wide from the likes of Blur and the 1975 to Chic and Lana Del Rey, it
really depends on my mood.

A big thanks to John for his time and great insight! He’s currently at the forefront of bloggers vs bots, making this space a better one for all of us.

Check out his Twitter, Instagram and of course his blog, I’m loving his recent Amsterdam post!

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