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Duomo Di Milano / Milan Cathedral Part 2 – Interior

Last week we climbed down the Duomo ready to head inside!

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It’s pretty damn grand, as you’d expect for one of the biggest churches on the planet.

These tiles aren’t just little ornate bits of marble, oh no, they’re marble SLABS.  I find it fascinating how much money was put into the construction of religious buildings many centuries ago. These things must have been astronomically expensive, especially Milan Cathedral as it took 600 years to complete.

The columns make you feel like you’re in a maze, like you’re lost deep within a corner of Hogwarts. The place is huge and open, yet you still feel cornered off from the rest of it due to the pillars all over the place.

Despite being the biggest church in Italy and one of the biggest tourist attractions in the country, it isn’t so busy! I was surprised by how empty parts were. Other small nooks and crannies were very busy, i.e. the part with an actual dead body. I’ll leave it at that.

As mentioned in the last post, the Duomo is famous for it’s sheer amount of statues.

The Madonnina is a statue of the Virgin Mary that sits atop the Cathedral, however in recent years they have decided to make an exact replica to sit inside the Cathedral for all to see! She was originally made for some sort of exhibition, but now lives tucked away at the back of the Duomo and she’s damn grand.

 Depending on your pass, our’s being Duomo Pass B, you may have admission to the ruins of what sat on the site of the Duomo beforehand! This is accessed via a staircase towards the front of the Cathedral. Being completely honest, it’s sort of underwhelming and not a necessity. It’s interesting enough, but is far overshadowed by everything else you’ll have just seen.

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