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Crosstown Doughnuts, Brick Lane

Today we have a bit of a mini-post on an amazing place I visited last weekend (whilst it was 24 degrees, bloody scorcher) on Brick Lane in Shoreditch.

Brick Lane is known for it’s mass amount of quirky and fun restaurants and cafes, and I think I’ve found my favourite one.

Crosstown specialises doughnuts and serves some spectacular coffee. Two of my favourite things!

Not to mention the amazing decor. Black and white, with donuts and crosses everywhere. So simple and so pleasing. Plus they have prints of those faces that are graffitied all over Shoreditch? I don’t know much about those but I’m really keen to find out.

I loved the monochrome aesthetic of the place, I loved it even more once I noticed the splashes of greenery around the place. I find looking at this picture so soothing and relaxing, the natural lighting on the leaves is too much for my fragile soul to handle.

Oh man this coffee was wild. Id never had cold brew before, despite always wanting to try it. This Nitro Cold Brew was pulled from a tap like a beer, you even had to wait for it to settle. Next time I promise to take pics of this happening as it blew my tiny mind.

It was so great. I can’t recommend it enough. I’ve had plenty of coffee in my day and this was one of the best. Plus the cup looks like it could be a piece of The xx’s merch.

I had the apple, kiwi, mint and white chocolate doughnut. I’m typing this post before I’ve eaten and I’m drooling thinking about it again.

Fae had the matcha donut (sweet Christmas, it was good and that’s coming from us matcha aficionados) ¬†and a vanilla glaze, which I failed to photograph.

I wish I had taken more photos and better photos! We having such a chill day that I decided against, plus it just means I have to go back, eat more doughnuts and drink more coffee to get some more photographs. I’m more than ok with that!

You can find their two cafes in Shoreditch and Soho, as well as vans, stalls and tents at a variety of markets across London.

Check out their website here and see if they deliver to your address. Sadly they don’t to mine, maybe one day! Or maybe I’ll have to move.

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