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Como, Italy

Welcome to Como, a small town paradise located on the aptly named Lake Como in Northern Italy, around 1 hour from Milan by train.

Como is known to be a summer destination, famed for the warmth and crystal clear waters. I visited in February, meaning the town was pretty empty, the hotels deserted, the cloud heavy with fog and rain.

It was weird to say the least.

However looking back at it, seeing this picturesque mountainous completely engulfed in a layer of creepiness is everything I could ever want.

The photos in the post are odd, many are smudged and blurred by the heavy fog and by the constant barrage of rain on my camera lens. It adds a whole spooky element to them, I love it.

Many take boat rides across the lake to different lakeside towns, we didn’t do this. Not really out of choice, but more out of getting a little lost and a lack of regular services due to the time of year.

So what is there to do in Como?

If you come during the off-peak season like we did, the answer is…not much.

Most bars, restaurants and hotels are shut. You can take a boat ride up to Bellagio, another beautiful lakeside town, but that’s about all, unless you take the funicular up to Brunate, a very small town of only 1,800 residents during the summer. It’s deserted in the winter.

Here you can see the funicular which straddles the mountain!

So let’s take a brief detour up to Brunate.

This is what your view from the top of the mountain should look like.

This is what it did. It was snowing so heavily, it felt as if someone had just thrown a blanket over the mountain.

You may be noticing a distinct lack of people…there aren’t many people about when it’s snowing in a summer resort (surprisingly).

Everything but one place was shut.

The snow doesn’t spoil some of the beautiful Italian architecture though. For me it really added to the experience, how often are you gonna be up the top of an Italian mountain in an almost empty village as snow pours from the sky?!

Back to the cool architecture.

It seriously feels like something out of Uncharted.

And now back to the ground where it only rains!

The street signs of Italy are so simple and elegant, they’re so Italian. Much better than our’s.

Most of the buildings are subdued tones of yellow and orange, just like in Milan.

Como has it’s own Duomo! It’s a beautifully grand building that looks creepy as all hell in these pictures thanks to my lens being soaked. And my entire body being soaked. The weather REALLY wasn’t good.

See that cross beneath all of the fog on this mountain? Not creepy at all!

So would I recommend Como at the time we visited (early February)?

100% for a day trip! Not many hotels seemed open so you probably couldn’t even stay on the lake if you wanted to. If you want some sun and some life, you should head here in summer.

However for two gingers who love all things creepy and paranormal, this was a fun excursion. I’ve also failed to mention that during this day we also took a brief excursion to Switzerland as Como is so close to the Swiss border. Why not grab a return train ticket to Switzerland¬†and spend an hour roaming about a Swiss border town with some Swiss chocolate in hand?

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