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April 2017

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Como, Italy

Welcome to Como, a small town paradise located on the aptly named Lake Como in Northern Italy, around 1 hour from Milan by train.

Como is known to be a summer destination, famed for the warmth and crystal clear waters. I visited in February, meaning the town was pretty empty, the hotels deserted, the cloud heavy with fog and rain.

It was weird to say the least.

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Welcome to #INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions with creators of all kinds. Today we’re joined by the Cardiff’s creative, Pharell loving fashion blogger: Ryan Mules.

D: What do you do online?

R: The main things I do online usually revolve around blogging. I’ll read other people’s blogs, try and form new content or if I’m feeling short of ideas I’ll trawl through Tumblr to try and kick start my brain. Obviously YouTube is the best thing on the internet so I spend countless hours lurking in the dark depths of YouTube.
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Star Wars Fragrances

It’s no secret I’m a huge Star Wars fan, I cosplayed Obi-Wan Kenobi at Star Wars Celebration Europe, I’m in for the long haul. I bloody love it.

The kind folks at KeepMe Fragrance were kind enough to send me some samples of their Star Wars Fragrance line! This line is all purposely androgynous, quite a bold move as there aren’t a lot of brands working on non-gendered fragrances. I love this concept and I’m welcoming this shift to androgyny many companies are beginning to make!


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Navigli Canals

Navigli is a historic part of Milan, all interconnected by canals. Don’t be thinking of Venice, this place has much more in common with East London than the Grand Canal.

Although, I hear at one point the canals did cause the city to majorly resemble Venice! Maybe if you head further out of the city than we did, as the canals stretch for miles.

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Welcome to #INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions with creators of all kinds. Today we’re joined by the sporty, the fashionable, Glasgow’s finest: John of The Everyday Man, one of the biggest male lifestyle blogs out there!

D: What is it you do online?

J :I run a lifestyle site called ‘The Everyday Man’.  It’s a blog come online magazine covering a whole range of men’s interest topics like fashion, fitness and lifestyle.

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