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Today we’re joined with my friend Jack of I’ll let him introduce himself:

D: What do you do on your section of the internet?

J: As an outreach executive, I work with bloggers on a daily basis and I started to get a feel for blogging and wanted to be part of the community. I set up My Take On Life in March 2016 to share with my readers what I enjoy in life. When I first started blogging back in March, my main aim was to build my blog’s reputation and hopefully be at the stage where people would regularly visit my blog and enjoy reading my content as well as find it interesting, and of course it would be great if brands started to get in touch and wanted to collaborate with me.

As I’m still new to blogging, I’m currently trying to create good quality, engaging content as well as building my social following, in the hope that I will attract more visitors to my blog.

D: That’s amazing! You’ve answered some of my later questions there, brilliant answer indeed! Could you expand a little on your offline life? You’re an outreach executive, that sounds interesting, how are you finding it?

J: I live in the North West, not far from Liverpool and as I previously mentioned, by day I’m an outreach executive. I started as an apprentice and now I’m full time. I enjoy communicating with different bloggers on a day to day basis as well as developing new relationships and discovering blogs.

Outside of work I like to go to the gym, I go 4-5 times a week as keeping fit is a big passion of mine. I’m a big lover of food and football and enjoy spending time with my friends and family, as well as enjoying the odd glass of southern comfort.

D: You’re from near Liverpool?! I am too! Until moving last month I had lived in/around Liverpool my whole life!

Small world!!

J: Isn’t it just!

D: So we know how you got into blogging, what keeps you going?

J: I do enjoying blogging but I don’t always have the time to write posts and it can end up where I feel I’ve hit a wall, as when I do get the time to write a post, I don’t know what to write the about. Since Christmas my daily views and visitors has increased considerably compared to last year and this has given me a boost, it’s good to see that people are reading my posts and visiting my blog.
I enjoy reading other bloggers posts, especially ones written by male bloggers, and this is usually where I get my motivation and ideas from. The majority of the time I do think of my own blog post ideas but it’s good to see what other bloggers are talking about.

D: Yeah I agree with you there, you can draw inspiration from what other’s are blogging about, or see something you hadn’t considered writing about!

How do you tend to go about creating blog posts?

J: When it comes to writing a blog post, I normally get inspiration from articles online, other blogger’s posts or just an idea off the top of my head

D: Do you have a set process when you write blogposts?

J: I wouldn’t say a process as such but I like to make sure I plan what my post is going to be about before I start writing. Before I put any post live I like to write a proof first, read through it once I’ve finished and on the odd occasion I may ask someone to go over it and then I will put the post live.

D: What is the hardest part of blogging for you?

J: I would say currently, the hardest thing for me is creating regular content which is engaging to read. Sometimes I also struggle to think of new blog post ideas but I’m still new to blogging and hopefully this will improve in time.

I’m sure it will once you find a flow!

D: Do you have a post or moment you’re particularly proud of?

J: I’m a big fan of The Body Coach, Joe wicks and when I first started the blog I posted a series of his recipes, one of which he retweeted, and up until about a month ago it was my most viewed post, so I would say that was my best moment so far.

D: Do you have any influencers you can say have affected you and your content, or maybe just inspire you?

J: Ali Gordon
John, The Everyday Man
Charlie Irons, Man About Town

I really like the layout of their blogs, as well as their style of writing. Reading their content gives me ideas and inspiration for my blog posts.

I love those guys too, brilliant choices!

D: What’s your Hogwarts house?

J: Gryffindor.

D: You’re the first Gryffindor I’ve had! There’s been such a lack somehow!

Do you have any favourite bands/artists at the minute?

J: I don’t listen to many bands, although, my all time favourite are The Killers! At the minute I’m liking Sigala, The Chainsmokers & Jonas Blue.

D: Good choice, I love The Killers.

And finally, do you have an all time favourite movie?

J: Taken, I couldn’t choose which one though! I’m a big fan of Liam Neeson.

Thank you to Jack for taking part! Make sure to follow him on Twitter, Instagram and check out his blog too!

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