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Welcome back to #INTERVIEWED, a series of discussions with creators of all types! Today we’re joined by my friend Luisa! Luisa and I met at a party at the old YouTube Space, where we bonded over free pizza and booze. I think that’s a solid base for any friendship.

D: What do you do on your section of the internet?

L: I blog over at – it’s a lifestyle blog focusing on vegan food, cruelty-free makeup, live music, product reviews and fun stuff to do around London (and other places I visit).

D: Can you tell me a bit about your offline life?

L: I’m 20-something and I work in the digital department at Atlantic Records UK, working with artists signed to the label on their social presence and release campaigns. I’m originally from Brighton, and my father is Bulgarian. I currently live in Camden!

D: What inspired you to start creating content and what keeps you going?

L: I started because a friend was blogging and I was attending lots of events as her +1 and family and friends kept asking what I had been up to. People seemed to react well to the idea of reading a blog about my adventures, so I thought I would give it a go! I started my blog in September 2015 (after moving to London in January 2015).

D: What is the hardest part of blogging for you?

L: The hardest part is keeping up with all the ideas I have & fun things I do. My brain (and life) is constantly like a browser with 20+ tabs open. Also because of this I sometimes find my attention span to be a little pants & although I loved the event/product/food it’s hard to motivate myself to knuckle down and focus on writing about it, because I had another idea about something else in the meantime!

D: Have you had any opportunities because of your blog?

L: Yeah quite a few – ranging from attending a summer festival day where All Saints (one of my fave bands growing up) performed – read about that here, to going to cool immersive bars and restaurants, as well as being sent products to try review!

D: Do you have a proudest moment, or a blog post which stands out to you?

L: Oooh that’s a tough one. I guess probably singing with the Warner choir and the Australian pop super star Kylie Minogue was pretty special – although that’s not strictly blog related! In the past 6 months aside from getting my job at Atlantic Records, that’s probably something that I’m most proud of & I think the blog about it turned out pretty well too, read that here!

D: How do you balance your full-time job and your blog?

L: With difficulty (my time management is a bit rubbish – mainly due to the fact I am impatient, get distracted easily, live with two fun girls, aaaand two very cute cats) but I mostly make it work (although am a bit behind on blog posts right now!). I usually spend my lunch breaks replying to blog emails, editing blog photos and writing notes/plans about blogs I have on the way.

D: What’s your Hogwarts House?

L: Okay so until very recently (today as I write this) I actually had no idea – I had never done the test online (don’t tell anyone)! A load of friends always told me that I was Hufflepuff through and through… and guess what? I AM HUFFLEPUFF! (I love that in French the translation is “Pufsouffle”)

D: Do you have any favourite bands/artists at the minute?

L: Oh so many! My music taste is very varied and since starting at Atlantic Records in October 2016 I’ve found so many new artists I hadn’t heard of before! I’m loving YONAKA, who sound a bit like if Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Honey and Royal Blood had a baby… There’s only 2 songs by them online at the moment but both songs are so so good. Also absolutely loving the new albums from: Lower Than Atlantis, Kehlani & Ed Sheeran, as well as All Time Low’s new single ‘Dirty Laundry’!

D: Do you have an all time favourite film?

L: Ooh that’s a hard one. Can I give a few? Okay I’m gunna do a few anyway without explanations for extra mystery as they are all awesome and completely different: the Lion King, Con Air, Grease, Shooter, Mrs Doubtfire, Number 23…

A BIG thank you to Luisa for joining us today! Make sure to check out her blog, her Twitter and her particularly fire Instagram!

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