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Welcome back to #INTERVIEWED, a series of interviews with people from all over the internet.

Today we’re joined by someone with the coolest hair ever, Jess of IAMFOXXTAILZ

D: What do you do on your corner of the internet?

J: I run an alternative fashion blog that promotes personal style.

D: Could you tell me a bit about your offline life?

J: I work as a marketing assistant for a fashion brand in West Yorkshire which helps a lot in terms of my blog life. I’m an avid reader, I’ve challenged myself to read 65 books this year on the Good Reads app! I love experimenting with photography and I’ve just started up pole fitness which I’m so, so in love with.

D: 65 books, incredible! I tried to do 20 last year and only made 10 or so in the end, best of luck!!

J : Thanks! I’m on book 8! 10 books is still good.

D: What inspired you to start blogging, and what has kept you going?

J: I’m not exactly sure what it was. I just saw people doing it and decided to give it a crack! I’ve always documented outfits/buys on other social platforms like Instagram and Tumblr.

Blogging is addictive. Sometimes I have a very love hate relationship with it. I’ve gained so much confidence through it. I’ve made some of the loveliest friends and found a really supportive community that I love being a part of.

D: It is a very nice community to find yourself in, we’re all really lucky!

What’s your creative process for blog posts like?

J: I don’t really have one as such – I write when I feel like it. I usually bulk shoot outfit posts on a weekend and then when inspiration hits I scribble down what I want to write about them in a notebook, I’ve always got one on me.

If I see a particular item of clothing that I love, I’ll buy and then start mentally putting together an outfit in my head.

D: Keeping a notebook on you is a good idea!

What’s the hardest part about creating content for you?

J: Time. I have a full time job, that I have to travel to. I have a fitness routine I fit into my week and then there’s also making time for friends and seeing my boyfriend. At times it can be very over whelming to try and cram it in. When I feel pressure to create I get a block.

D: Definitely! Time is something bloggers all could do with more of

Have you had any opportunities because of what you do?

J: I’ve been very fortunate in the opportunities I’ve been given because of my blog. I’ve been invited to some amazing events, collaborated with my favourite brands. I’ve modelled for looks books and taken part in catwalks. The best opportunity though was getting a job in the industry I wanted through my blog.

D: Hopefully the opportunities continue!

Is there a particular moment or maybe a post you’re proud of?

J: I’m not really sure. There’s a couple of post I particularly enjoyed writing but any opportunity I get or achieve I’m proud of.

D: How do you balance your career and your blog?

J: Not very well ha! Work always always come first – it’s what pays the bills after all! I make a loose plan of what I’m going to blog about that week and providing I have the time I stick to it the best I can.

D: Do you have 5 influencers that have impacted your content the most?

J: I only have one really and that’s Amy Valentine. I’m so in love with her style.
My boyfriend’s mum, Gaynor, is a creative blogger and I find her very inspiring!

D: It’s awesome that your boyfriend’s mum is a blogger, my mum has only just cracked onto how to read my blog!

What’s your Hogwarts House?

J: Slytherin all the way!

D: Do you have a favourite artist or band?

J: I love Paramore, I’ve been following them since 2006! I’m a mega fan! Hayley Williams is my idol, I really look up to her. Plus her style is insane.

D: I knew it would be Paramore, they’re sick.

Finally, do you have an all time favourie film?

J: Tough one, I don’t really like films. If I had to choose it would either be My Neighbour Totoro, or anything Tarantino.

Big thank you to Jess for taking part! Make sure to check her out all over the place:


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